Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumor Round Ups

Galaxy S4 Specs and Release Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S3 witnessed a revolutionary launch and now the Android fans are looking forward to dig out the details about probable specs and features of Samsung Galaxy S4. In fact, there are lots of rumors about Galaxy S4 release dates. But people need proper idea about when Galaxy S4 will come into the market so that if they have not yet bought Galaxy S3 then in that case they can buy Samsung Galaxy S4. Most of the rumor sources claim that Galaxy S4 will hit the market in February 2013. But this date is not officially announced Samsung.

There are some rumor round ups also in relation to Galaxy S4 specs and most of the industry experts feel that this beast would have a 5 inches display.

It is important to note that some rumors also give a hint that Samsung Galaxy S4 would come into the market in March. But as we said nothing has been officially announced as of now and rather what we could find out is really worth sharing. This will help you in taking the right decision about purchasing a big Android handset. Well, what we saw is Samsung’s Korean Twitter Account had tweeted in a non-English language that all the rumors in relation to Samsung Galaxy S4 are not true and still there’s lot of time for this beast to enter into the market.

So, now it is up to you that whether you wish to wait for Samsung Galaxy S4 or you would rather give your preferences to the latest Samsung Galaxy S3? However, with a smile, we understand that this simple conclusion does not end up the discussion. Still, there will be many different rumor round ups that would come up for Samsung Galaxy S4. So, what we would recommend you is, just stay tuned so that we can share all the updates and rumors with you.




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