Samsung Galaxy Note may come on T-Mobile [Leak]

Galaxy Note may Come on T-Mobile: Leak

Samsung Galaxy Note on T-MobileAs per a few documents and reports availed from TmoNews which is an unofficial T-Mobile blog, it seems that Samsung Galaxy Note may be coming on T-Mobile. However, we believe that this is a leak and nothing is confirmed yet, but still the documents that we got to see, gives this impression. The model number SGH-T879, having a screen resolution of 800×1280 is what we could see in the documents.

We know, you may argue that usually the model numbers SGH-T8x9 would be for the tablets. But how can we miss out the given 800×1280 resolution which is generally available for Smart Phones.

This leak would surely build some hopes for the Galaxy Note lovers and also those who love T-Mobile service. The tie up would surely impress a lot of customers and so now we would like to elaborate on this news. What we would like to show is why we believe that this is not another tablet. We would also like to mention as to why we believe this may be Note.

The very first thing lies in the model number SGH-Txx9. This creates some amount of suspicion. The second thing that makes us rely on this leak is the Bluetooth SIG and WiFi Alliance both classifying the SGH-T879 as a phone. Also, the resolution thing as mentioned above make our minds rely on this news. And one more thing we would not like to miss and that is the user agent string shown above is similar to the one for the AT&T Galaxy Note aka SGH-i717.

As soon as we came across this news leak on the unofficial T-Mobile blog, we thought that this news should be shared with our readers. This is because if at all you have any plans to get hooked to T-Mobile service in near future or are planning to get a Note for the same service provider then may be this news leak would help you to take the right decision. But it is important to note that, if at all this news leak is authentic then too there will be some more time on development of this. So, you must maintain some amount of patience as the road seems to be a bit long from here. But we promise you to provide updates on this from time to time as and when we come across them. So, just stay tuned.

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