Root Sony Ericsson (WT19i) Live with Walkman on 2.3 – complete guide.

Rooting Sony Ericsson Live with WalkmanAre you owner of Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman Smartphone? If yes, then you would be using some of the amazing functions in this Smartphone. Music lovers would surely settle for Walkman phone that runs Android 2.3. And now are you thinking of rooting your Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman or installing a custom ROM that would need root access? If yes, then perhaps this article is going to be quite useful to you. Here we have the step by step procedure to root WT19i Live with Walkman.

Firstly you should know exactly what rooting refers to. Rooting is a process wherein the mobile phone users or the users of gadgets that run Android OS get root control or privilege access of the Android sub system. Hardware makers always put some control over the device by default. In order to operate these sub systems, the users have to go to the level of administrative permissions or take certain measures that would help them operate the device as they want. But generally, these solutions are not practical because the other operations that the users would need to perform in order to gain privileged control are normally not so easily accessible to them. Have you heard of jailbreaking apple iOS system? If yes, then the term rooting Android OS means something similar to that. The best part is, if rooting is taken up on an Android phone then the user can eliminate or replace the operating system as a whole. There are few other advantages of rooting as well.

Benefits of rooting your Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman:

  • Installation of Custom ROM and Firmwares
  • Installation of app2sd, data2sd
  • Creation of custom theme
  • Using the applications that would depend upon root access

Disclaimer: This information has been produced with complete for increasing the simplicity of the procedure. But in case if some issues occur after the phone update then the site should not be held responsible for this. If at all you face any issues, you can contact us and we will help you sort out the same. It is also vital to keep in mind that when rooting is done the device warranty gets void. And this means that the warranty is not to be considered then.

Rooting procedure:

The first thing that you are required to do is, get all the data back up in the SD card. You should not miss out any of the app while getting the data back up. You can use Astro File Manager for this. All the contacts and the sms and mms should be backed up in the SD Card. While you are taking the back up or planning to root the phone, you should close all the suites, antivirus tools as well as the security applications. This will avoid any hindrances and hurdles that may come on the way. Also remember to charge your phone to atleast 70%, so that battery doesn’t drain out in the middle of the process.

Now here’s the Rooting process:

  1. If you have not downloaded and installed ADB drivers before then you should do this first. Along with that also download the Easy Rooting Toolkit.
  2. Now you should extract the files on your PC.
  3. You will also have to enable the USB Debugging option as it will be useful to us. For this, Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging is the path. This will check USB Debugging.
  4. Run the file called “runme.bat
  5. When you do this, there will be several instructions displayed on the screen. You should get along with the instructions that are mentioned. Follow the instructions you get on the screen. The easy toolkit also helps in unrooting the Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman.

Congratulations your Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman is now rooted.

Note: For some users the error like SEMC HSUSB DEVICE” not been installed and appear an exclamation mark (!) may come. They should recheck the drivers and the installations through device manager. You can try to install  SEMC (HS)USB FLASH Cable driver problem (Win7) or PedicabDriver Solution or Install Net Framework 3.5 in that case

Once you have rooted your phone, you can try a feature rich Custom ROM for Sony Ericsson (WT19i) Live with Walkman


  1. it works. But after upgrading to .62, root acces is gone. The easy rooting toolkit unusable on .62…what should i do?

  2. its not working in latest firmware

    • Taslim,
      Make sure you have installed all drivers, you can check back all drivers through device manager because, there are some users who reported “SEMC HSUSB DEVICE” not been installed and appear an exclamation mark (!). You can try to install SEMC (HS)USB FLASH Cable driver problem (Win7) or PedicabDriver Solution or Install .Net Framework 3.5. This may solved the issue. Check out the below video for more clarification.

  3. i just bought my SE Live 3 month ago, and i rooted it using DoomLord tool kit. 1day when i connect my phone to my pc, the PC Companion update my phone. Then my phone is not rooted anymore and i cannot rooted it back using DoomLord tool kit..can any1 help me please?

    sorry for my bad english :(

  4. thanks man its great and working………

  5. my live got stuck at the first level…daemon starting then nothing happens wat to do?? pls help

  6. my build vrsn is .62, how can i downgrd it to .58

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