Rooting Micromax A54 Smarty using Bin4ry Root Tool

If you have been looking forward to root your Micromax A54 Smarty then here’s some really amazing news for you. Yes, you can now root Micromax A54 Smarty using Bin4ry Root tool. Micromax A54 Smarty is a budget phone that has been created with beautiful looks and superb features. It is true that it is not the smartest phone. A starter who has just settled for Android can try this one.

Now, the question that will come in your mind is why you need to root an android phone. Well, Rooting is an amazing way of getting into the system of the phone. You will be able to enjoy a few administrative privileges which would not have been possible otherwise. Now, since rooting enables you to get access to various new apps and custom ROMs, it is indeed a blessing for tech geeks and Android experimenters.

Micromax A54 Smarty Picture

If you have made up your mind to root your Micromax A54 Smarty phone then just go through the disclaimer as well as the pre-requirements before you move any further.

Disclaimer: Rooting involves a few risks and hence we suggest that if you root your phone you must do it at your risk. There is always a risk of phone damage and data loss involved. So kindly move ahead keeping this in your mind.


  1. Download bin4ry rooting tool kit from the link given here:
  2. You must also download this:
  3. It is vital to note that this method is suitable for Micromax A54 Smarty phone.
  4. You will also need a PC wherein Micromax A54 drivers are properly installed.

If you have gone through all the above information thoroughly then you can move ahead towards the step by step method to root Micromax A54 Smarty phone.

How to Root Micromax A54?

  1. First take USB cord that comes along with Micromax A54 Smarty phone.
  2. Now connect the phone with the computer with the help of that cord. But before that you need to check that whether USB debugging is enabled on not on your phone. If not, then you should enable USB debugging on your phone.
  3. The Bin4ry root tool that you had downloaded above should now be unpacked.
  4. You must now double-click on RunMe.bat.
  5. You will get some display on your phone and this means that the phone is rooted. You can press any key now.
  6. Yes, you are done.

We hope you liked the method to root Micromax A54 Smarty with bin4ry Root tool. It is an easy method. There was a time when people thought that rooting is a tough task and needs loads of technical knowledge. But now things have changed. Today, developers have created such amazing and simple toolkits that rooting has become a very simple task. Kindly let us know your thoughts and comments here.

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