Root Xperia Tipo for Better Experience

Procedure to Root Sony Xperia Tipo St21i

If you have the new Sony Xperia Tipo then you are definitely a lucky chap. The Android handset is loaded with so many amazing features. You can also enhance your user experience. This will be possible if you root Xperia Tipo ST21i. Rooting Android phone helps in customizing the phone. Once you root the phone you can install many new apps as well as Android 4 ICS or the latest Jelly BeanROM. Thus rooting actually helps you take a step ahead technically. But you should have some technical knowledge while you take up rooting. Also, kindly read the disclaimer given below.

Disclaimer: Rooting Sony Xperia Tipo can be a bit risky as in there is a risk involved of bricking the phone, losing the phone’s warranty as well as losing the data. You must therefore carry out the procedure at your risk. We shall not be responsible for any damage that would come up.

How to Root Sony Xperia Tipo

  1. First thing you must do is take complete back up of your phone. This will surely help you out in case if in the process you tend to lose the data. You must not miss out on anything. Take back up of SMS, Contacts, APN Settings etc.
  2. Keep the phone charged to the extent of 70-80 percent. This will avoid any sort of hindrance in between the rooting procedure.
  3.  Now, you need to turn on USB Debugging on the phone. This can be done in this manner: Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging
  4. Download Xperia Tipo Root Pack from here: Xperia TIPO Rooting Package. You must download this package on your PC and after that you must extract it to any particular folder. Extract it somewhere, where it is easy for you to locate at the later stage.
  5. Now, you must take the USB data cable and connect the PC with Xperia Tipo.
  6. Move to that extracted package folder and open “RunMe.bat”
  7. Once it is opened you will see four options. You must select the 4th option which has the name Others.
  8. Just wait for a while and see that your Android phone Xperia Tipo is rooted.
  9. If you wish to check that whether or not device is rooted you can check it through the root checker app that is available at the Play store.

We hope you found the above tutorial very much simple. The credit of making Xperia Tipo rooting procedure quite simple goes to XDA developers. We are very much thankful to them for their contribution. There was a time when Sony phones were not developer friendly. But now as the days are passing, Sony Xperia phones are becoming more and more developer friendly. This is definitely good for Sony android users.



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