Root Xperia S LT26i with Locked Bootloader

Rooting T-Mobile Xperia S Locked Bootloader

If you are owner of T-Mobile Xperia S or O2 Xperia S then you must be having a locked bootloader on your handset. This is because the mentioned carriers have this practice of shipping Xperia S LT26i with locked Bootloaders. While we are writing this post, we expect that you already know what bootloader means. In case if you have missed out our earlier posts on what Bootloader means, here’s some info for you.

It is vital to note that bootloader is a technical term, meaning a code that runs on the computer or the phone before the operating system starts up. Every OS is loaded with some or the other kind of bootloader. This is basically a low level program that is equipped with instructions about the start up. Bootloader is different for every device and this is something obvious because there is always a difference in hardware and software loadout between various devices. Now, the main point is, manufacturers of android phones or for that matter any other devices having bootloader put certain restrictions on the bootloader. Thus, when you are shipped with the android phone, your bootloader is locked. But yes, you can unlock the boot loader as per the procedure given on this website. But at the same time, you should be ready for making the warranty of the phone void.

Now, the question is what the theme to unlock the bootloader is or what should be the motive to do so? Well, basically, unlocking the bootloader allows you or provides you permission to install unsigned ROMs for example, CyanogenMod. There is no standard method to unlock the bootloader. This varies from device to device because every device is different and the software running on that device will also be different. Some handsets like Moto Xoom, Nexus One and Nexus S have unlockable bootloaders and thus in such cases you just have to install Android SDK and boot into the bootloader.

If you own Xperia S with locked bootloader then rooting the phone won’t be possible. But this is the thing of the past. The good news that we have for you is, one of the XDA members have come up with rooting procedure for Xperia S locked bootloader. Yes, you can now root Xperia S with locked bootloader. The only condition is that your handset should start with stock Gingerbread firmware as the Android OS platform.

As per the method to root Sony LT26i locked bootloader posted by Sharaz22 at XDA, the starting point shall be Gingerbread stock firmware and then later an exploit is opened and activated and for that you need to upgrade to ICS. The process only works in ICS and this is something you need to know.

Root Xperia S with Locked Bootloader

Once you root your handset you will be able to open up the system and make certain potent changes in the same as you desire. This is the biggest advantage of rooting. We have provided the official link of this thread below. Many people have tried this successfully and they feel that the procedure works. But the only issue is the length and the complication of the procedure. Thus, we feel that you must move ahead if you have enough technical knowledge on Android.

Disclaimer: Rooting Sony Xperia S Bootloader Unlock can help you free the Android. But rooting the phone has some complications involved. In fact these are the common risks. The risks include loss of data, phone bricking and loss of warranty.

If you have read the above info carefully then you can go through the procedure right here. We are thankful to Developer for this tutorial.





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