Root Xperia S with Locked Bootloader: New Method

Procedure to root Sony Xperia S with Bootloader Locked

Sony Xperia S is a popular Android handset among developers. Newer methods come up time and again to root the devices making the procedures simpler and more user- friendly. The same thing has happened with Xperia S as well. Initially a few rooting methods that were released were a bit complicated. Keeping this in mind, developers at XDA came up with alternative methods to root Xperia S with locked bootloader.

Sharaz22 came up with a long method to root Xperia S and hk2006 came up with a short method. The method that you choose is up to you. But we would advise you to have a look in detail at both the methods. The goal remains same for both the method. But the only issue that has been reported is both these methods fail to flash custom recovery. Also, some lagging issues are reported which can be sorted out with factory reset. We shall surely provide you details about both this methods ahead in this article.  But firstly, you should have an idea as to what are the things you need to keep in mind while rooting an Android Smart Phone.

Points to Remember before rooting:

  • It is recommended that before you actually begin rooting the android, you must charge your phone to the extent of 60-80 percent. If you can make the battery fully charged, then there is nothing better than that. This is specifically mentioned, because many of the rooting procedures on phones take time and also the battery consumption goes up. In that case, the physical hurdle like a battery getting discharged would be pathetic.
  • Take complete back up of your handset. This includes SMS, contacts, data, settings and so on.
  •  It is true that, as a techno geek you would love experimenting. But, if your purpose is getting solved merely with rooting then avoid the temptation to move ahead to other procedures like overclocking etc. Such operations would damage the hardware of the handset, if you make even a small mistake. It is therefore advised that keep away from greed!

But you will surely enjoy the following benefits:

  • After you root an android phone you will gain access to the internal file system and thus making potent changes in them or accessing them will be very much possible.
  • Yes, for all those who love speeding up the operating system, rooting Android brings in benefit by way of performance and speed enhancement.
  • Sometimes, you may feel quite irritated with the unwanted default apps which the manufacturers or Google packs in without an uninstall button. But since it is something that the administrator has provided you, nothing can be done. But rooting helps you in removing the unwanted default apps and that too with a very simple method.
  • Since rooting makes the Android free, you can now update the phone with upgrades and custom ROMs. You don’t need the permission of the manufacturer for this.
  • New kernel installation can also be taken up and this would surely thrill you up.
  • You can enhance the visual experience of the phone after rooting.
  • Reports say it helps in reducing the battery usage of Android phones.
  • There are many such apps that work on rooted phones only. Yes, after rooting the device, you can seek access to such apps.

For additional information on rooting Xperia S with locked Bootloader, check out either the long version thread or the short version thread. The short method is single click root for Xperia S locked bootloader. But before you try any method kindly go through the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: It is important to note that we are sharing this method for educational purpose. You should try it at your own risk. While rooting Sony Xperia S with locked bootloader if anything goes wrong we shall not be responsible for that.


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