Root Samsung Galaxy Mini Pop Plus GT-S5570i

Tutorial to Root Samsung Galaxy Mini Pop Plus

Android rooting is something that has the capacity to add more features and functions to your handset. We hear a lot these days about how rooting can make your life much more easy than ever. And this is really true. Rooting an Android Smart Phone can make the phone free of bloatware and useless apps. You will get administrative privileges once you root your phone. Also, certain apps that need rooting can be installed in the phone. Due to such enhanced benefits people get inclined towards rooting the Android Smart phones.

It is also important to note that the rooting procedures are no way as difficult as they used to be initially. Today, the entire picture has changed and many single click rooting tools and solutions are available at reputed Android development forums. This has made things far easier.

Now, coming back to the point, if you own Samsung Galaxy Mini Pop Plus, you must surely be enjoying some of its great functions and features. This is a new phone and thus developmental support is a bit less as compared to other handsets. But thanks to a few developers who are attending this area skillfully and blissfully.

In this article we are going to show you as to how to root Galaxy Mini Pop Plus. The procedure is quite simple. But while rooting the phone you should maintain a few precautions. Thus we would appreciate if you read the disclaimer as given below before moving on to the procedure.

Disclaimer: Rooting Galaxy Mini Pop Plus has the risk of loss of warranty post rooting and also the small risk of data loss or phone damage. You should be aware of such risks which are quite common with rooting. Kindly note that, you must take up this procedure at your own risk. We shall not be responsible for anything that may go wrong with your handset. Take back up of your phone properly.

Root Galaxy Mini Pop Plus


After that you must Copy to SDcard

Now completely turn off your handset

Press and hold volume up + home + power. This will take you into the recovery mode

Now. Choose apply update from sd card.

Use volume and Home button for navigation


Go back to main menu

Choose rebooting the phone

For unroot you must download this and install it via recovery mode

This completes the rooting procedure.

We hope that this post of rooting Galaxy Mini Pop Plus was useful to you. After you root this phone you will gain access to the internal file system and thus making potent changes in them or accessing them will be very much possible. For all those who love speeding up the operating system, rooting the phone brings in benefit by way of performance and speed enhancement.Since rooting makes the Android free, you can now update the phone with upgrades and custom ROMs. You don’t need the permission of the manufacturer for this.



  1. Hello, i can´t unroot , I have made the same instrucctions, but superuser is installed..can you help me please?


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