Root Motorola Fire XT on Android 2.3.5 Version

How to Root Motorola Fire XT and Remove Bloatware

If you have Motorola Fire XT then we are sure you must be finding a way to root your phone. This is because rooting has now become a very popular procedure and people feel that they would like to enjoy a bloatfree Android phone. Keeping this in mind as well as general advantages of rooting an Android phone, we shall discuss as to how to root Motorola Fire XT phones in this article. It is important to note that with this method you will be able to root the following Motorola Fire XT models:

You able to:

Root Motorola Fire XT311

Root Motorola Fire XT316

Root Motorola Fire XT317

Root Motorola Fire XT530

Root Motorola Fire XT531

Root Motorola Fire XT532

We are thankful to XDA senior member Vivo who has worked hard in consolidating and compiling Motorola Fire XT information and developments in one thread so as to make it convenient for users to get the required information. Kindly read this article thoroughly to have better idea about how to Root Motorola Fire XT phone. But before that you must read the disclaimer as given below.

Disclaimer: Rooting an Android phone definitely opens up many great opportunities like useless app removal, installing some specific and special apps and so on. But rooting may be a bit risky and hence we recommend that you must move ahead at your risk.

Procedure for Rooting Motorola Fire XT

  1. The very first thing we expect you to do is take back up of the phone. This is because in case of any mishap you should have the option of the back up. This will help you avoid data loss.
  2. Charge your phone properly.
  3. Go to Settings>Applications>Check Unknown Sources
  4. Go to Settings>Applications>Developer>Check USB Debugging and Stay awake
  5. Connect the phone with the computer with the help of USB cable. But do not select USB Mass Storage.
  6. Follow the procedure as given in this thread:

If you have any doubts you can ask your queries here and we shall solve them soon. We hope you found this post quite useful. Kindly share your comments right here in the comment section.

We are happy that people are taking interest in this budget phone development. We hereby request developers to develop some interesting custom ROMs for Motorola Fire XT phones. Till date there are no custom kernels, custom recovery and custom ROMs for Fire XT phones from Motorola. We are looking forward for development in this field.

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