How to root Micromax A75, Install Busybox and Flash the device

Micromax A75 rootingDevelopers had been trying to root Micromax A75 Superfone lite since quite a long time. But one of the leading developers at Android Forums ‘Ninad’ finally got a successful rooting method after a lot of research. It was quite tough to root Micromax A75 Superfone lite using the normal exploits. But Ninad suggests that after lot of toiling finally with almost 5 zips, more than 1Gb of bandwidth and countless hours of work, the Micromax A75 Superfone lite gets rooted.

Disclaimer: Rooting Micromax A75 Superfone Lite  will help you make certain modifications in the operating system of the phone. But it is important to note that this is a risky procedure and only tech savvy people should give this a try. The procedure can permanently brick or damage the device. We shall not be responsible for any damage caused to your phone. This information is produced with care but rooting the phone makes its warranty void. Root your phone at your own risk.

Micromax A75 Superfone Lite Rooting procedure

First of all do take a back up of all your files and settings. Playing with the firmware may lead to lose of data or even brick the phone. So do take the backup before proceeding further.

Now download Root4.7z which we need to root the phone. After the download check the unzipped system.img file for checksum. This is important before you use the file. To check you can use HASH TAB or any other similar service. Below is what you check :

For SHA512 :
fefb2f46622f0f5b0166f8b1696db0a6e82e98cc05f43d3005 c9c2493b1bb92d3f363e83e883e7956bdbd495c6ac9ef43a5f dfb5f703f5566d39ba772745c002

For Whirlpool:
45af467c05c8fee438357836039a0c93cb952e5a87d6e0435a 6ea040c393eaadd486b25fef38e85159d73385cfc72701c449 6859acf67cf54ce73000ccb7ebfd

Now you are required to replace this system.img with that of the package that is updated.

Follow the instructions to flash the device from the update that you get.
After that restart your device
You need to follow all the instructions properly and you get your Micromax A75 rooted successfully.

Rooting Micromax A75 has reported having WiFi connectivity issues and with static IP. For this you can try resetting the IP and try. Even after that if it does not work then follow the below guide:

Fix WiFi issue on rooted Micromax A75 and install Busybox

  1. First download this patch for WiFi fix : Wifi and permission fixer.
  2. Now connect your phone to the PC after enabling the USB debugging mode.
  3. Run the ‘rum_me.bat‘ file on your system and wait for few seconds.
  4. That’s it, Busybox gets installed and your WiFi issues would now be resolved.

How to flash Micromax A75

First download these files which are required to flash.

Flash files
SP flash tool

Flashing is fairly easy. Install the drivers which you downloaded. Restart the system so that the drivers will work properly. Run the flash tool which we downloaded. Now select the scatter file as MT6573_Android_scatter.txt and Downloading agent MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin. Also untick the Preloader. Run the download and when it asks for the phone to connect, switch off you phone plug it in and wait. After a few mins your Micromax A75 should be flashed.

Update: The very first working Micromax A75 custom ROM has be released. Do check out that also.

You can check out this video to get a visual experience of the same (Requested by Gulshan)

Do let us know if you faced any issues while following these procedure.


  1. i have rooted micromax a75 and after root exe ,but device having problem of wifi (obtaining ip )
    how to solve this problem

    • Mahesh,
      This is a known issues after flashing Micromax A75. To correct this problem you need to set static IP to your device. Here is how you can do it :
      goto Settings > Wireless and networks > WiFi Settings > Click menu button and click on Advanced settings.
      Now You can see few options to use static IP under the IP setting. You have to enable that and give the following IPs there:
      IP address :
      Dns2 :

      This should solve the wifi issue. Let us know if you fixed it with this.

  2. Hello friend, i am a newbie in this forum,
    Please help me in step by step procedure to Root this mobile..Since i have already tried many apps and software but none helped, also i m not able to connect my A75 to the PC, how to do that…
    Thank you in advance…

  3. Actually i m not able to connect my fone to the PC, alsoi have downloaded the Root4.7z file, but dont know how to use it…Also i have downloaded and installed Hashtab on my PC, but i wanna know how to use it?? and aso what is the use of it… Sorry, i know that its a silly question for u, but still i m facing a lot of problen in doing that…pls help

  4. Amol, its ok. Asking questions will only help you learn better. For connecting the phone to PC, you can use the USB data cable that is acompanied with your mobile phone. Connect the phone and the computer with the help of this USB data cable and then enable USB debugging. USB debugging can be done this way:
    in your phone go to:
    settings>development>application>USB debugging enable(check that box).
    ok, i hope this part is clear now. After this the hashtab part comes. Check this link and read it thoroughly. It will help you.

    • Yupp, its clear now, the topic of Hash tab…thanks for that Samvedana… But when m connecting to PC in USB debugging mode, it is asking for the Micromax A75 Drivers… It searches but there are no drivers… where shud i find that…?? I m having Win XP in my PC….

  5. Rajeev Ranjan says:

    Hello friends,
    I am a new user of android a75. please let me know if there
    is a possibility to install flash player on this phone.
    Also what is the benefit of rooting an android.

  6. Rajeev Ranjan says:

    Hi Vinoy,
    thanks for a quick more question please
    does this installation of flash player 11 needs a rooted
    device(A75)? because it shows my device incompatible.

  7. Anybody with a solution for skype video calling (no alternative like Tango )

  8. Hi,
    Files are updated …
    ROOT4 is outdated . And Plz make the links to my web-site and not to the files individually …

  9. says:

    how to enter recovery mode?

  10. HI , anyone tell me that can i update my micromax A75 to next OS ? if yes then how?

  11. Hi Ninad,

    while downloading apps from it shows insufficient memory error.. can we fix this ?

  12. Sandeep Sethi says:

    I have micromax A75. I live in A’BAD. Suddenly I am getting a strange problem in my mobile. Till I am in office (Centrally AC), My phone is working fine but whenever I go home, it restarts again and again. I am not able to use it at all. Even I tried to oprate in AC room of my home but it does not work. Can anyone help?

  13. Sachin Mudholkar says:

    Hi ,
    I have A78, I am getting issue when i try to use video call using Skype. the application closes automatically when i enable Video on it.

    Sachin Mudholkar

  14. balkrishan says:

    hy frnds please help me out im facing a huge problem in connecting wifi
    this device only shows me optaining ip addrs but im unable to cnct
    please help me guys please … :(

  15. balkrishan says:

    sorry i didn mntion dat i have micromax a75 and the problem of connecting wifi is in this device

  16. having a serious problem from the very first day of getting the phone hanged and the screen becoming blank during calls… cant even cut the call nor m able to see the callers name…:( purchased the cell in feb month and havnt used it for evn a month yet… had kept in the box… serisly pissed of with that…. do make me reply on my email id if u can solve my this problem…

  17. Roshanta says:

    I am having probelms on rooting the lemon P-1 S ( android 2.2 froyo) i have tried many apps to root the froyo version but all have failed. Please help me. I want to root this phone very much

  18. thanks after lot of try we have got successes…

  19. Hi All,
    I tried rooting the Mmx A75 as directed here and on xda forums. However, just after the root, my screen went white and though I can hear the boot-animation, all I see is just a white screen.

    I have flashed 3/4 times after that and yet no effect. Does anybody know what could be wrong here? Any help will be highly appreciated.


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