Root Sony LWW WT19i with Unlocked Bootloader on ICS 4.0.4

Root Sony WT19i on ICS Unlocked Bootloader

WT19i Live with Walkman

Rooting is something many people are not still clear of. People think what the need to root an Android Smart Phone is. Now, this is something very much subjective. For layman rooting is something complicated which may void warranties. For developers or techno geeks, rooting is a procedure that helps in getting into the system of the Smart phone and making deliberate changes as desired. For them, void warranties are just a small risk or a small sacrifice.

If you own Sony Live with Walkman WT19i then we are sure you must be having an amazing time with the phone. It is a bit old phone but is loaded with such amazing features that many people do not like to change the phone. Rather they update the phone with relevant software whenever needed. Many owners of WT19i might have rooted the phone. But we know that some exceptions are always there. Thus, this tutorial is for the few who have not yet rooted the phone, but have intentions to do so. Do you wish to root LWW WT19i on ICS 4.0.4? If yes, then here’s a simple tutorial for you to follow. But before that kindly look into the precautions that one should take while rooting the Android device and the disclaimer.

Words of Caution while Rooting 

It is recommended that before you actually begin rooting the android, you must charge your phone to the extent of 60-80 percent. If you can make the battery fully charged, then there is nothing better than that. This is specifically mentioned, because many of the rooting procedures on phones take time and also the battery consumption goes up. In that case, the physical hurdle like a battery getting discharged would be pathetic.

It is true that, as a techno geek you would love experimenting. But, if your purpose is getting solved merely with rooting then avoid the temptation to move ahead to other procedures like overclocking etc. Such operations would damage the hardware of the handset, if you make even a small mistake. It is therefore advised that keep away from greed!

Disclaimer: It is true that rooting an Android Smart Phone opens up many avenues for the owner of the phone, but still there are a few risks involved. These include risk of data loss, risk of phone bricking and risk of warranty getting void. Thus, we recommend that if you wish to root Sony Live with Walkman on ICS then do it at your risk.

Notes: This procedure is suitable for WT19i LWW with unlocked bootloaders. Also, this procedure is compatible only for Sony WT19i and no other Android Smart Phone.

We are sharing this method after doing research from XDA. XDA member tracer123 has developed this method and we are thankful to him for this. We have not tested this method personally.

We expect you to have enough technical knowledge before you take up the complicated procedure as given below. We expect that you know what you are doing and have enough idea about the risks and benefits.

Procedure to Root Live with Walkman with Unlocked Bootloader on ICS 4.0.4

1. You need to download polish blood project kernel and flash it
2. Go to CWM and flash this package
3. Now you must switch off the phone.
4 Download this kernel and flash it via Flashtool:
-Launch Flashtool
-click on bolt
-select Fastboot mode
-plug your phone into the computer
-click on Reboot into fastboot mode (via fastboot)
-click on Select kernel to Flash and select kernel.sin

This is the official thread for the topic. You can check the same for more details. Do let us know how you feel after rooting WT19i on ICS.


  1. After flashing 100%, my is not rebooting automatically?

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