Root Huawei Boulder U8350 with Easy Method

Huawei Boulder U8350 Gets Rooted!

Huawei Android Smart Phones as well as other Smart gadgets are getting amazing levels of attention these days through out the world. The reason is, company’s dedication and superb products that come up time and again to woo the consumers. Even though, you might be reading little news on Huawei normally, but whenever the news is buzzed up, it has attained tremendous attention. This proves that how Huawei has made a fan base for its Smart Phones on the globe.

Now, coming to Huawei Boulder U8350, we are sure you must be enjoying its great features. But do you really feel something is lacking? What? Well, yes, we are talking about Rooting Huawei Boulder U8350 today.

Generally, when you root an Android phone it gains super user permissions and privileges. This is something that holds true for U8350 as well. Rooting procedure will make the Android device free and finally you will be able to add custom ROMs, remove bloatware and make it customized the way you like. This is the real benefit.

In fact, we can say that the real glory of an Android phone is when it acquires root access. Also, when you get the root access you get a chance to install super user app (the explanation for super user app is given further in the article).You can also check out this link in regards to benefits of rooting:

Now, since you know the benefit of rooting, we shall show you the method to root Huawei Boulder U8350 with easy steps. But before that kindly read the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Rooting Huawei Boulder U8350 phone is risky by way of loss of warranty post rooting and also the small risk of data loss or phone damage. You should be aware of such risks which are quite common with rooting. Kindly note that, you must take up this procedure at your own risk. We shall not be responsible for anything that may go wrong with your handset.

Note: We recommend you to take back up of your phone so that if some problems occur then you have a ready back up at hand.

Also, keep the Android phone charged to the extent of 60-70 percent.

We also expect that you have already downloaded the drivers for your Huawei Boulder.

Root Huawei Boulder U8350

Download Superoneclick from this link:

Now you must extract superoneclick, install .NET Framework (for windows XP)

We expect that drivers of the phone are installed.

Turn off all the PC suites and antivirus.

Now, enable USB debugging and it can be done this way: On your phone: setting >application > checklist unknown source and setting > application > development > checklist USB debugging

Now, take USB cable and connect the phone with the computer using USB cable.

Now, you must double click SuperOneClick.exe

Click root

Wow, you have rooted the phone.

Now to check whether the phone is rooted or not download super user app from here:

With Super User app you will be eligible to have the Super User privileges to remove the apps or modify them when desired. But the first condition is, you must root your Android phone and then only you will get the Super User access, otherwise not.

As soon as Super User android app is installed you will get the right to delete the default apps from the system. In fact the app of current times is much advanced and rather than merely displaying the default apps with codes or numbers, you will actually get the display of default app names. This will make it very simple for you to remove the default app.

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