Root Galaxy S2 after ICS Update (Ice Cream Sandwich) XXLPQ Firmware

Root Galaxy S2 on ICSSo, you have finally updated your Samsung Galaxy S2 with the official ICS XXLPQ (Ice Cream Sandwich) Firmware update. So, how is the experience? Well, of course, users may be taking proud for this official update, but there are a few things like some apps that they may not like. Are you looking for the bloatware removal on your S2 Firmware? If yes, then you will get your solution through rooting the Android phone. After you root your device, you will be able to come across many benefits and this would include removing a few default apps that may not be useful to you, installing some apps that would save battery or would help in other purposes etc. Here’s the guide to root Samsung galaxy S2 running on official ICS XXLPQ firmware. Once rooted, you can enjoy all the benefits of a rooted phone and install all those apps which needs Super User or root access.

Disclaimer: It is important to note that rooting Samsung galaxy S2 may bring some major changes in your handset and you may even lose the data. Hence, we suggest you to take a back up. There are also some chances that the device may face bricking.  We shall not be responsible for any damage caused to your phone. This information is produced with care and as available in the XDA forum. It is also important to keep in mind that rooting the phone makes its warranty void. Thus, we suggest that you must do it at your own risk.

How to root Samsung galaxy S2 with ICS XXLPQ

When you are planning to root your Galaxy S2 on ICS, take back up of properties, so in case something goes missing after rooting is over, they could be brought back . For back up of contacts, you can use any of the better backup apps on official Android market. For applications back up you can use the ASTRO file manager or any similar apps.

Before you start the process, check whether USB debugging is enabled or not. You can do this with Settings>Applications>Development and enable USB Debugging.

Disable all the antivirus suites and such other applications which make block some background or file transfer process.

Install KIES from here : KIES

Download XXLPQ Rooting Package: XXLPQ

Download ODIN from this link: ODIN

Rooting Galaxy S2 on ICS procedure:

The steps are fairly simple and you can root it in few minutes. Follow all the steps carefully.

  1. Open ODIN
  2. Once ODIN is opened, you must boot your phone into download Mode. This can be done by pressing the Volume Down button and Center button along with power button, all simultaneously.
  3. Take USB data cable and connect the Phone to the PC.
  4. When you connect this, the ID:Com section will turn yellow in ODIN. That is the signal to move to next step.
  5. Now, you must click on PDA and select CF-Root-SGS2_XX_XEO_LPQ-v5.3-CWM5” from contents that you had downloaded from the zip file.
  6. Now you need to click on Start.  Just wait for a couple of seconds, your device will now reboot.
  7. That’s it. Your Samsung Galaxy S2 is rooted on ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) official update !

If you have any doubts, just let us know with your valued comments.

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