Root Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-I589 with Unlock Root Software

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-I589 gets Rooted

Rooting an Android device is something that will open many different options and paths for you. There was a time when people thought that rooting is something meant for highly technical people. But today, things have changed and rooting is really something quite simpler as compared to older days. There are developers working towards creation of single click or easy to use rooting tools and kits. But just like rooting has its own advantages, there are a few precautionary measures that you need to take.

  • If you are performing the rooting procedure for the very first time then it is sure that you may need help and guidance from helpful sites like But while you are making a search on the site or Google, make sure you search for the correct phone model. This is because different Android phones have different rooting procedures. If you follow the wrong procedure, you may curse yourself for bricking or damaging the handset. For example, if you own LG Optimus P970 and you wish to root the same, then search for that model only. In case, if you have a phone for which rooting procedure does not exist on our site, then you can contact us by posting a comment or send and email through contact us page and we will surely help you out.
  • Once again, it is vital to note that for rooting procedure you need to find out trusted and authentic source. There are many sites that do not have proper or correct procedures or form a procedure from info collected from unreliable sources . Please beware from them.
  • While you are searching for the rooting procedure, also search simultaneously for the unrooting procedure. Since rooting voids the warranty, if unrooting back is there then it would give you more courage to root your phone.
  • It is recommended that before you actually begin rooting the android, you must charge your phone to the extent of 60-80 percent. If you can make the battery fully charged, then there is nothing better than that. This is specifically mentioned, because many of the rooting procedures on phones take time and also the battery consumption goes up. In that case, the physical hurdle like a battery getting discharged would be pathetic.

Now, after you are enlightened enough with how you need to perceive rooting as, let us come back to the main topic. Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos is the new buzz everywhere in the Android phone field. This new phone can be rooted and you can prevail the super user app once your phone gets rooted.

Have you heard of Unlock root tool? It is an easy to use one click rooting application. With unlock root tool you can take up rooting and unrooting Android phones and tablets on version 2.3.1, 2.2 and 2.3 firmware. So let us look into a simple procedure to root Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-i589.

Root Samsung SCH-i589. with One Click

You can use unlock root tool for rooting Galaxy Ace Duos. Just go through the disclaimer below.

Disclaimer: Even though we advocate rooting as a procedure to open up your Android system, we still feel that it is something meant for people with enough technical knowledge. Also, rooting an Android phone may lead to data loss, phone damage and void warranties. If you wish to go ahead, you can root it at your own risk.

The very first thing you must do is install apt drivers on your PC. You can get drivers from Samsung KIES. But as soon as the drivers are installed close KIES.

  1. On your device enable USB debugging.
  2. Download Unlock Root software from here:
  3. Take USB cable and connect the phone with the computer.
  4. Run UnlockRoot.exe app.
  5. You will see a set up wizard. Press Next and wait for a while. This will install Unlock Root software on the computer. At the time when you get the final finish wizard you must check run unlock root application check box.
  6. Press Finish.
  7. Unlock Root Tool will run and you will come across a screen.
  8. Press Root button and select the device that you own.
  9. Wait for a while.
  10. You will have to wait till Galaxy Ace Duos is rooted.
  11. Select Yes when you get indications to restart the handset.
  12. This is it! You have rooted Galaxy Ace Duos.

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