Root, Flash and Customize Sony Xperia Sola with Flash Tool

Customize Sony Xperia Sola with Flash Tool




The first question that will come in your mind is What is Flash Tool? Well, it is an all in one tool that helps you carry out advanced operations like flashing Android images, installing xRecovery, rooting, ROM customization etc.

If you have bought Sony Xperia Sola and feel like customizing the device then you can go through the information as given below. One of the Senior Members of XDA Developer Forum, krabappel2548 came up with an amazing thread wherein he has consolidated technical things like Flash Tool, Pre rooted system.img and FTF firmware for the Xperia line 2012 including Xperia Sola. You will be able to find this official thread from XDA at the end of the post.

First let us look into Xperia Sola downloads that the developer has made available to us:

Download Xperia 2012 Flashtool Support: Xperia 2012 Flashtool support

Download Prerooted sys .img for Xperia SolaXperia Sola XDA Fileserver

Download .FTF Firmware for Xperia Sola: Xperia Sola XDA Fileserver

Now, we will show you the procedure for installing prerooted system.img files and adding Xperia Sola to your current Flashtool. But before that you must go through the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Procedure for installing prerooted system.img files and adding Xperia Sola to your current Flashtool can be a bit risky. We recommend that you must move ahead with this only if you are confident and have enough technical knowledge in the Android field. If anything goes wrong while following the procedure, we shall not be responsible for that. You should do this at your own risk.

Install Pre-rooted Image on Xperia Sola (unlocked bootloader for Xperia Sola needed)

1. Unlock your bootloader via this link:

2. Download and unpack the prerooted system.img
3. Flash it via fastboot: “fastboot flash system system_prerooted.img
4. Reboot

Install Xperia 2012 Support to Flashtool

Developer suggests that first there should be an update to the latest flash tool for better support.

1. Download and unpack the original firmware
2. Download the Flashtool from XDA Fileserver and unpack it
3. Copy it to C:/ and overwrite all your Flashtool files
4. Flash the ftf with Flashtool
5. Reboot

It’s done.

After the above installations, it would be better to delete bloatware on Xperia Sola. You can delete them as per what you find as less useful. The developer deleted the given list of bloatware:

Delete Bloatware from Xperia Sola

Google Streetview
Google Talk
Adobe Flash Player
Google Maps
and many others

If you wish to have more info on this you can visit the official thread:

We hope that you liked the above tutorial on customize Xperia Sola and Flash Xperia Sola with Flash Tool. We would love to get your views on this. Do let us know how you feel after installing the pre-rooted images and deleting bloatware. Xperia Sola is pretty new and thus very few developers are working on this right now. We are happy that Senior Member of XDA Developer Forum, krabappel2548 felt like contributing productively to this development thread. We thank him for his efforts.



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