Reverse Tethering Samsung Galaxy S2 on Android 2.3

Reverse teather Galaxy S2By now, you know what reverse tethering is via the post that was written a few days back ( Know about what is reverse tethering). Now, we are presenting a tutorial to reverse tether Samsung Galaxy S2 on Android 2.3 for all the experiment lovers. With this guide you can use the computer’s internet connection on the Samsung Galaxy S2 device. However, it is important to note that the information that we have produced in the tutorial is not personally tested by us. But we are sure that you will surely love the tutorial as presented below:


Before reverse tethering Galaxy S2

  • The first and the foremost thing you will need is the rooted Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. ( For rooting you can use the Z4 app root method, as this is an easy method)
  • You will also need a computer having Windows 7 in that. Yes, the procedure that is mentioned in this tutorial is for Windows only. If you have some other OS then the procedure will be different.
  • Terminal Emulator app is required and this you can download from the market from here.

Procedure to reverse tether Samsung Galaxy S2

First connect your Galaxy S2 to your computer through the USB cable

Now again move back to your android handset and then disable the USB storage. This will be available at the top sliding menu. You will have to open the same. Now, just look at the USB connected area, touch it and Turn off the USB storage.

Navigate to settings on the phone and go to Wireless and Network. From there go to Tethering and Portable Hotspot and enable USB tethering.

Now, check your computer and you will come across the new network interface. If there is any message from Firewall then set it to Home. In the area called as Network and Sharing Center you will have to select Change Adaptor Settings. This will give way for new interface.

Next, you must enable the internet connection on the interface as per the case. If the shared interface is LAN card then it will be the LAN. If the shared connection is wireless then it will be the wireless. After enabling, right-click on the interface and go to properties. After that when you see the sharing tab, go for the option ‘Allow the other network users’. After this you must close the window.

When you are done with this, the Windows in the computer will display the Android phone net connection IP. Thus, you will have to set another fixed IP. This you can do by: right clicking the android connection and then going to properties and choosing the TCP/IPv4. Then after that choose this: Use the following IP address. Fill up the IP address part, network mask part and leave the Default gateway as blank. You will also have to leave the DNS part blank. This will be different for different people.

After this move to your android phone and open the Terminal Emulator and type the command as given: (This is just a sample. Your IP address can be different)



Ifconfig usb0  netmask up

Route add default gw dev usb0

Setprop net.dns1


This procedure of reverse tethering Samsung Galaxy S2 has many drawbacks and they are:

Gmail won’t work for you. Even the market apps would create problems. When you disconnect the phone from the computer everything becomes as it used to be and you will have to repeat all the steps again, the next time you wish to use the computer’s internet on your Samsung Galaxy S2. This is the biggest drawback. That’s the reason why most of the people don’t get into reverse tethering Samsung Galaxy S2. The process is complex and you have to repeat the entire procedure every time you remove the connection. It is therefore suggested that you must create a shell that will help you to repeat the steps quickly merely in one click every now and then.

Also, typing all these lengthy commands on the android phone is quite tedious. It would be good if you get a chance to type these things conveniently from the computer’s keyboard. Yes, SSH droid app on Android market can help you with this.

If you have any doubts in this tutorial, you can comment here and contact us. We will guide you and help you out. However, we will be happier if some developer comes up with one click and simple solution to this tedious procedure.


  1. … Or you could just use this Reverse Tether android app.

  2. The “reverse tether app” in the last comment does not work for me. It got stuck in the setting gateway step. However, using the guide in the original post (manually input the commands), I can access the internet using the BROWSER of the phone, but not other apps.

    Now the question is, can we manually make the usb network appears as 3G network using some commands, as the last step by the “reverse tether app”? If so, the apps will be tricked and think they are connecting using 3G, then the problems will be solved.

  3. have listening to alot of rumor’s about wireless charging for Samsung Galaxy S3 effectively its confirmed for Samsung that Galaxy S3 may be charged through Wireless package. You can still

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