Remove useless default apps from Micromax A75, A70 & A85 Android Phones

Micromax AppsOne of my friends bought Micromax A75 and came to a conclusion that some of the apps as loaded in the Superfone are quite irritating. He wanted to remove those apps and load few new but could not find any apt tutorial on the web. So, to help him as well as other Micromax A75, A85 and A70 users, we thought of coming up with a tutorial on how to remove useless apps from Micromax phones.

How to remove useless default apps from Micromax Phones

If you are looking for new apps then the whole market is open for you. There is not much worry in that case. But when you wish to remove some default apps that may not be useful to you then the procedure seems to be long and tedious. But don’t worry. This simple tutorial will help you out.

To remove default apps then you will have to first root your phone. Suppose if you want to modify default apps in Micromax A75, then you must first get the phone rooted. For rooting the phone you can follow this link below:

Disclaimer: It is important to note that rooting is a risky procedure. It makes the phone warranty void and also there is a risk of bricking the phone. Thus you should do this at your own risk.

Now, moving further we believe that since you want to remove the useless default apps, you have rooted your device. So, now you have rooted Android in your hands. Now, use Titanium backup app and take back up of all the applications and data on the phone. Now, since you have the back up you can move ahead with the removal of apps procedure.

Remove Default Apps from the Rooted Android Phone:

  • First download Android Terminal Emulator to your Android Smartphone.
  • Post installation of the app, you will come across blue screen.
  • Type “su” and press enter on the phone’s keypad. (Super User Access)
  • Now Tap Allow to Proceed when it asks you about su access.
  • After that Type “mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblk3 /system
  • Now Type: “ls /system/app“, when you type this you will get a list

After you see the list you can delete the apps you don’t want and this can be done by typing: rm /system/app/<app-name>
For example for removing xyz app you need to type: rm /system/app/

Now, you must check that whether you have access to all the other apps properly or not. You must also check that whether the deleting part is done aptly or not.  For that you can use this command: “mount -o remount,ro /dev/mtdblock3 /system“. This will give you the list of the remaining apps. You can confirm with this.

You are now free from those irritating apps. We hope that the above tutorial was helpful. Kindly share your valued comments.


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