Remove Google Play country restrictions from Android Phones

Download Tweaked Unrestricted Google Play Store for removal of country related restrictions

Google play Store remove country restrictionsGoogle’s Play Store has so many options for the users to download some exciting stuff like games, puzzles, task managers and so on. But what annoys most of the users is the country related restrictions that exists. If you are using an Android Smartphone then you would feel that now you will be able to use all the graceful apps and features that Google Play store presents. But sadly, if you don’t live in the supported country you may not see some of the Apps or Games. This is what is called as the country restrictions in Google Play, which would become a means of annoyance sometimes. However, people living in USA would rarely face any such issues. Mostly the app restrictions would be allotted to other areas. But whenever there are restrictions or fixes, there are solutions as well. XDA developers have been very much involved in finding some potent solution for this issue and finally, they found it. Voila!

One of the Senior Members of XDA, Deeco7 came up with a solution.  Yes, he has worked towards removing the country related restrictions and he could do this because of the modification that he made in the Play store app. He assembled modified Google Play Store .APK which would help in removal of such annoying restrictions. You must install this app and then download all that you wish with the help of this new app.

If you are impressed with the description and wish to try out this tweaked Google Play store .APK files then here’s the tutorial to remove the country restriction.

DISCLAIMER: We indicate that the method given here should be carefully followed. Also, it should be done at your own risk. will not be responsible for any kind of damage that your phone may get exposed to while going through this process.

Step by step tutorial to get unrestricted tweaked Google Play Store

First, download the modded .APK file from the download link as given at the end of the post.

Now, connect your Android device to your computer with a USB cable.

After the above two steps, carefully follow the steps given ahead. Place the .APK on your device, but don’t use adb install. This is because since the original Play Store is still there, this won’t work.

Open the .APK with a file explorer and take up installation. Select Yes when you are given the option that whether you wish to select this app.

With this a short installation process is carried out and then there you are with your new tweaked unrestricted Play Store app.

Download link: Original thread 

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