One Click Root Xperia Neo V on ICS with Unlocked Bootloader

Root Sony Xperia Neo V on ICS 4.0.3 Baseband .562

Android device on Ice Cream Sandwich opens loads of options for you and perhaps you will be able to enjoy better features and functions. Now, the question is have you rooted the phone running on ICS? Well, if not, then you are missing something. Even though rooting is considered as bit risky, it stills over-covers the negative aspect. Many people prefer rooting the Android phones. But some people still do not have an idea as to what rooting Android exactly is.

After you root your Android phone, you will now be able to remove and modify the pre-installed Apps and installations. Just like in Windows one can have an administrator account, in Linux the administrator is called as root. Thus in an Android phone you will come across the word rooting the android phone. It means, getting access to the higher level (administrative level) permissions. Since Android is Linux, with rooting, there is Super user access to this particular operating system.

It is important to note that rooting the Android device makes the warranty of the device void. But still, developers and tech savvy people are quite a lot excited and thrilled with this procedure as it helps them to attain complete access to the operating system of the device. At one side there is a risk of bricking the phone when you root it, but if you follow the proper instructions and procedures from a legitimate site  like then the chances of such things reduce and the benefits would surely outsmart the risk, by way of features enhancement and other advantages of rooting.

In this article, we are going to discuss a simple method for rooting Sony Xperia Neo V on ICS with unlocked bootloader. If you own Xperia Neo V running on the recent official ICS update then just read on. It would be better to go through the disclaimer and notes first.

Disclaimer: Rooting Xperia Neo V on ICS can be a bit risky. Rooting makes the warranty of the phone void and also there might be a minimal risk of phone damage or data loss. Kindly follow the procedure at your own risk. Androidust shall not be responsible for anything that happens with your Android handset. We would recommend that you must move ahead only if you have enough technical knowledge.

Notes: Keep the phone charged to the extent of 70-80 percent. This is because, while you are rooting the phone, there should not be any battery issues or else the entire procedure may fail.

Take complete back up of the phone including contacts, apn settings, apps, SMS and so on. This is because, if by chance there is loss of data, you don’t have to suffer too much.

We expect that you already have the adb drivers installed.

Root Xperia Neo V on 4.0.3 baseband .562with Single Click

We don’t have to unlock the bootloader in this procedure and thus the procedure is short and sweet. In this procedure we shall make use of Android Emulator and then we will install Busy Box and Super User File.

But the very first thing you must do is download the rooting tool from here:

Enable USB debugging on your mobile phone and you can do it this way: Menu>Settings>Developer options>Development> Enable USB debugging by checking.

Also enable Mass Storage.

Now simply take the USB data cable and connect the phone and the computer with that.

Run the .bat file( root tool) which you have already downloaded.

You will get the instructions on the screen to root your device. Follow the instructions.

This will help you root the device quickly.


P.S.: This rooting tool came from ARC development which the XDA member, asertyio  has tested and found useful and working.









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