Motorola Droid Fighter Specs and Features may not win Flagship for it

Motorola Droid Fighter Features may not win Flagship for it.

Motorola Droid Fighter Specs and featuresMotorola Mobility has always been hopeful about the phones that were released in this holiday season. But things did not turn up as per the company’s expectations. Sales of the Smartphone belonging to Motorola kept on falling down. This gave rise to the old Razr which made a reputable name in the android market. But as far as the new Razr phones are concerned, the performance does not seem up to the mark and this affected Motorola badly.

Since the new Motorola Droid Razr did not do that well, rumors started spreading about Moto’s new flagship phone. Yes, none other than Motorola Droid Fighter. A lot has been read and said about expected features and specs of Motorola Droid Fighter and its release on Verizon. But the point is, will this new phone change the luck of the company? Does it have the potential to establish a reputable name? Well, as far as the features and specs are concerned, it seems that Fighter will be much similar to Droid Razr and the main difference will be that, Fighter will have a larger screen. Also, Droid Fighter is expected to hit the market with the ICS Android OS. This definitely interests users looking for an android with ICS installed.


Update [April 16th] : Motorola Droid Fighter may be coming out as Motorola Droid Razr HD.


But if you look into the history, when the new Razr was about to release, it also had the similar hype that Droid Fighter currently has. But finally post the release all the hopes faced a dim light. Since Motorola Razr was criticized for a bad battery life, in January 2012 Motorola Droid Razr Maxx was launched which was designed with a good battery. But now even Maxx charm seems to have faded in the market. With this, you can easily understand that Motorola has taken hasty decisions till now and thus industry experts are not much hopeful about Droid Fighter as well. This is because this handset will face a very tough competition from Samsung Galaxy S3.

Now since Google has taken over Motorola, Google should take over strategically and work towards making this android handset company rise back. Rather than merely attaching a fancy name or a fancy look work should be done on the hardware to make it user oriented and fully loaded with high end features. This makes us understand that Motorola Droid Fighter may not be the one to handle the flagship. Rather it would be a new Android phone from Motorola as handled by Google.

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