Motorola Asanti Specs and Features Leaked along with other Motorola Info

Motorola coming up with Asanti, Dinara, Yangtze and Many More after Vanquish

Motorola Droid Razr HD

As per the update that we received from PocketNews, Droid RAZR HD’s international version that will be sold outside USA will bear the name as Vanquish. The model number would be XT925 LTE version. For Vanquish UMTS version the model number would be XT923.

This is not the end of the story. In fact, after Motorola Droid Fighter or Vanquish, Moto will come up with Motorola Asanti. As per the reports available we could consolidate Motorola Asanti features and specs and we would like to share the same with you. We have not received any official confirmation in this regards from Motorola, but the news even though unofficial is quite prominent. You already know this from the Droid Fighter updates we have been providing you time and again.

Leaked Specs and Features of Motorola Asanti

Asanti is reported to be an LTE device.

Of course Android 4.0 ICS is but obvious after Vanquish.

The phone is supposed to be equipped with QWERTY pad.

HD quality display

960×540 as the resolution

Hold on! We have some more news on this. It is believed that Motorola Asanti will come up on AT&T and will bear the model number XT898. Also, it’s international version will be released and will be sold elsewhere as XT897 and XT896.

It is also rumored that AT&T will also get another Moto device called as Motorola Dinara. This is another LTE device and mostly it will bear model number MB886.

For Sprint guys also there won’t be a matter of worry. Motorola has a sack with gifts for everyone. It is anticipated that Motorola will come up with Photon Q 4G LTE for sprint. PocketNow suggests few more plans of Motorola like Motorola Primus XT621, and the Motorola Yangtze.

Thus from the above news it seems that Motorola has big plans and is coming up with so much. It is known that Motorola Vanquish previously known as Droid Fighter or Droid RAZR HD is headed towards Verizon. Thus we feel that Motorola is not disappointing anyone. It is trying to please all the carriers and strategizing towards getting a global recognition once again. Till now we thought that Droid Fighter will be Motorola’s Flagship phone. But now we are confused. It seems that Motorola wants to lay down a series of HD models and they will compete among themselves to become the Flagship phone. Well, we are sure this competition will come as a beneficial opportunity among the buyers. So, are you all ready to taste Moto’s new strategic palate?

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