Keep Watch on Features of CM10 by CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod’s Jelly Bean CM10 Features Listed

We understand that if you have any of the handsets as in Galaxy S3, HTC Sensation, Motorola Defy or ASUS then already CM10 has come up for that (alpha, beta or perfect one). But there are many handsets which are still under development and there’s few days pending before CM10 is released for them. Thus, if you are the one who has not received hands on review for CM10 then you can read features of CM10 as listed below. This update comes from CyanogenMod via Google plus post that the team had made. Time and again CM team comes up with the updates that it wants to share with the fans. So, here are the features of Jelly Bean CM10 as committed by CyanogenMod team.

Features of CM10

  • Power menu Reboot
  • Power menu screenshot
  • Profiles
  • Lock screen Calendar
  • Lock screen Weather
  • Notification light customization
  • Battery light customization
  • IME Selector notification toggle
  • and a few more things to support Settings

Well, the above features really sound awesome and we feel that getting CM10 is something like adding real charm to the Android gadget. The features of CM10 that are listed here are just the beginning. We still expect many other rocking customized features of CM10 that are on the way. CyanogenMod team has not made any official announcement as to what will be the next update. So, we just have to keep our fingers crossed and toggle our minds for guess work. But from the above CM10 features it seems that the revolutionary contribution that CyanogenMod team is going to make would surely enhance the Jelly Bean experience.

We would also love to know about your wish-list. What you guys expect from CyanogenMod team. Do let us know via comments. Your shout might move on to CM team and may be your wish-list would become the next CM10 feature addition platform. We love to share your views and feedback on this. So, do let us know how you find the features of CM10 and what else you think should join in.

Here’s the official Google Plus Post that we came across:

The way people have commented and responded to the Google Plus post itself makes clear that what the rage of CM10 is, these days and how people are going crazy for the CM10 Jelly Bean Build. Kindly stay tuned right here for more updates on this.



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