JollyRancher AOKP ROM 4.0.4 on HTC One S

HTC One S gets New JollyRancher ROM


HTC One S is an amazing Smart Phone that has now joined the ICS AOKP ROM league. Based on AOKP, one of the popular XDA members, Reviewers released JollyRancher ROM. This ROM is based on AOKP 36 Android 4.0.4. With this ROM one can expect a better and faster performance in HTC One S. With this new JollyRancher AOKP ROM on HTC One S you can expect a clean stock Android user interface and experience.

The features list of HTC One S JollyRancher ROM is too long. But we have edited the same for you, keeping in mind the relevance factors.

Important Features of HTC One S JollyRancher AOKP ROM

  • Android 4.0.3 — ITL41F
  • Superuser & Busybox preinstalled
  • Deodexed
  • 180 Degree rotation
  • Custom color for anything in RC
  • Nav Bar Hide on Lockscreen
  • Lockscreen Horizontal Option
  • Unlock Sceen with Legacy Menu Icon
  • Volume Key to Wake Screen
  • Volume Key to Skip Tracks
  • Long-press back button to kill process
  • Disable CRT off animation
  • Nav Bar Button Reorder
  • Toggles in Pull Down Menu: Auto rotate, Bluetooth, etc
  • LCD Density
  • Lockscreen SMS customizable shortcut
  • Nav Bar Color Picker
  • Nav Bar Button Glow Duration: Off, Fast, Slow
  • Nav Bar: Long press to Search button
  • ICS ringtones
  • Customize carrier text to whatever.
  • Disable Boot animation

So, are you impressed with the above features? If yes, then we are sure you would feel like installing JollyRancher ROM on HTC One S.

Install JollyRancher AOKP ROM on HTC One S.

Disclaimer: It is important to note that installing this ROM can be risky. If while installing this ROM anything goes wrong Androidust shall not be responsible for the same. You should do this at your own risk.

Note: It is important to note that since the installation of Rom always   opens up risk for data loss, you must take back up of apps, APN settings and data on the phone. But nothing will happen to SD card. Also, While mentioning this procedure we expect that you have an unlocked bootloader for your handset and ClockworkMod recovery is already installed.

We also expect you to have enough technical knowledge when you are planning to take up this procedure or flash this ROM.

Now, download the ROM from here:  official development page.

After you are done with that just Copy the downloaded .zip file to the SD card on your Android Smart Phone.

Now open this downloaded file and extract the boot.img file from inside it may be with Winzip.

Download fastboot now:Download Fastboot  |  Filename:

Extract file to Drive C on the PC. Now you have a folder named Fastboot and there will be four files there.

Copy the boot.img file also in the fastboot folder so that things become simple later. Now the Fastboot folder will have one more file and thus in total, 5 files.

Turn off HTC One S.

You must now enter into fastboot mode. For this first you must hold Volume Down button plus power key. Selecet fastboot mode and now for navigation you can use the volume buttons on the device and the power buttons can be used for selecting. As soon as the phone enters into fastboot mode you must connect the phone and the computer.

Open Command Prompt this way: Start>All Programs>Accessories.

Now type the following;

cd c:\Fastboot

Fastboot devices

Fastboot flash boot boot.img

With the above commands Kernel will be flashed.

In the command prompt only you will get OKAY message.

Once you get the message you need to disconnect the phone from the computer.

Use Power button for HBOOT.

Make selection of RECOVERY to boot into recovery mode.

You will now be able to use the Volume buttons for scrolling up and down and the power button or navigation.

Now take up Factory Reset.

Select Install ZIP from SD card and then select Choose Zip. Find ROM file on the SD card and make the selection.

Select Yes for confirming installation.

ROM installation starts and gets completed on its own.

After installation gets completed go back and select Reboot system and boot up with this new JollyRancher ROM.

We hope that the above detailed procedure was quite helpful to you. Do let us know your experience with this new ROM, JollyRancher AOKP ROM for HTC One S.

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