Jelly Bean UI Theme for Galaxy Ace S5830

Samsung Galaxy Ace gets Jelly Bean Theme

Jelly Bean is everywhere and really it is something that is taking everyone on the ride right now. Many Android handsets have already received Jelly Bean updates via ROMs or CM10 updates. There are many gadgets that have only received Jelly Bean theme like in relation to user interface, boot animation, wall paper etc. But that is also a big thing to begin with. It seems that Jelly Bean is celebrated by all possible way.

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 is a popular phone with so many amazing features. The user base for this phone is also wide. Thus, the news that Galaxy Ace S5830 getting Jelly Bean theme is something great. XDA developers are constantly toiling to make Jelly Bean goodies available to the users. In this article we shall discuss about Jelly Bean UI theme for Galaxy Ace based on CM9.

Senior Member t XDA with user name Androidcustomize used Pandroid theme for including Jelly Bean UI on Galaxy ace. The themes that you will be able to see are:

– Framework-res.apk
– SystemUI.apk
– Launcher
– Lockscreen

He has also provided the screen shots and the method of installation. From the post it seems that adding Jelly Bean UI on Galaxy Ace S5380 is pretty simple. For installing that one can follow the steps as given below. However, it is important to note that the article discusses the details that are provided by the developer at XDA and hence we are not responsible for anything that happens with your Galaxy Ace. It would be better if you read the disclaimer below:

Disclaimer: You need to go ahead at your risk. Flashing Jelly Bean UI on Galaxy Ace based on CM9 Pandroid can be a bit risky. We have not tried this personally and thus we should not be held responsible for anything.

 Install Jelly Bean UI on Galaxy Ace S5380

Reboot to recovery

Flash the Jelly Bean UI zip


Note: You must always play safe and thus before you install anything new on your Android take a complete back up first.

You will find all the details about Jelly Bean UI on Galaxy ace on the official thread at XDA. Here’s the link:

We hope that you would get some Jelly Bean goodies via this on your Samsung Galaxy Ace. It’s true that there’s no Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Ace as of now. But still, with this at least you can get a smart Jelly Bean User Interface on Galaxy Ace. And that’s really worth!



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