Jelly Bean ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

Galaxy S2 gets Flavor of Jelly Bean ROM

Galaxy S2

As we all know that Jelly Bean fest has just begun and things are actually going to be quite thrilling and exciting over a period of time. We hope you would love to hear more news on this. So we have come up with the post relating to Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S2. But the only issue with this ROM is, it is still in the alpha stage and you have to be extremely careful while flashing Jelly Bean ROM on Galaxy S2.

We recommend that before you move ahead with this ROM you should take proper back up and this will help you at times when you have lost your data due to firmware update. Kindly read the disclaimer also.

Disclaimer: Jelly Bean Alpha ROM for S2 is a good ROM but still, there are a few risks involved especially now when it is in the alpha stage. Before flashing this you need to be ready with a back up and also you must have at least CWM 5.X.X.X recovery to make the procedure simpler. Also, it is vital to note that installing this ROM will make your warranty void and it will also enhance the risk of bricking the phone.

Details about Jelly Bean ROM for GT-i9100

Jelly Bean 4.1 update for S2 (unofficial) is developed by LastStandingDroid, who is senior member at XDA. He came up with this amazing ROM and it is based on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean from Galaxy Nexus. However, in the process of development LastStandingDroid has taken help from another developer randomblame. Elaborating on the things that the ROM is based on include Modified CM9 Kernel as well as Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean 4.1 OTA.

Even though this ROM is quite reliable, there are certain things that work and certain things that does not. Here we shall discuss the same.

Things working on this ROM

  • Booting
  • Led-Flash
  • SD-Card (Internal Only!) (Is Jellybean using diff read format O.o)
  • MTP (does only see internal storage, not external, cant copy files)
  • ADB
  • Vibration
  • SU

Things not working on this ROM

  • Google search
  • Wi-Fi
  • Audioi
  • Log cat
  • Camera
  • A few more stuff

We hope that things that are not working are already being sorted out. We are quite thankful to the developers who have taken efforts in creating ROM for Galaxy S2 based on Jelly Bean.

On the official XDA thread (link given at the end of the post) there are details about download links for Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy S2. The installation method is as follows:

Install Jelly Bean ROM on S2

Consider the download links and download the files as mentioned.

Flash the downloaded zip.

Factory Reset

Repair permissions

There you are.

Would you like to see the video tutorial for this? Well, even that is available on the official thread. We hope that you liked the post. We would appreciate your response and feedback. Kindly respond to us via comments on what do you think of Jelly Bean 4.1 ROM on Galaxy S2.




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