Jelly Bean ROM for HTC One X

HTC One X gets Flavor of Jelly Bean Unofficially

It’s raining Jelly Bean everywhere! Google Nexus acquired Jelly Bean update and now it is HTC One X. Well, it is important to note that this is Jelly Bean ROM and not the official Jelly Bean update. Google has already announced that Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus and Xoom Android devices will achieve Jelly Bean update officially somewhere in mid-July. But as we all know that Android Developer’s community is much more progressive and ahead of what we already think. Jelly Bean ROM on HTC One X already confirms this development. It is important to note that this is a bootable Jelly BeanROM.

One of the XDA’s reputed member tgascoigne released the port, Android Jelly Bean ROM 4.1 for HTC One X. So now HTC One X users will get the flavor of Jelly Bean 4.1 via Jelly Bean ROM. The news that HTC One X gets Jelly Bean 4.1 unofficially has really thrilled many One X users. This ROM is based on /system image that the other developer had developed for Galaxy Nexus. This happened just yesterday and today we have bootable ROM for HTC One X.

If you wish to try this Rom we would surely provide you with the download links and the official thread. But before that we would like to warn you that Jelly Bean 4.1 ROM for HTC One X is still in the development phase and thus the stability issues shall occur. But we know that for Android testers and experimenters this is going to be like a treat. In this ROM there are some things that are not working and the list include:




Many other things

So, it is completely your decision that whether you would like to flash Jelly Bean ROM on One X or wait for the official update whenever it will be released. But it is anticipated that the official update shall come only after a few months. You must be thinking that the development phase in the Android community is much faster. We talked about ICS updates and ICS based phones just a few days back and now its Jelly Bean everywhere.

Here’s the download links for Nexus port of Jelly Bean on HTC One X. But kindly read the disclaimer first:

Disclaimer: Flashing custom ROMs can be risky for your Android handsets. Thus, you should be technically smart before you flash Jelly Bean ROM on HTC One X. So, you should move ahead at your own risk.

Download link:

Android Jelly Bean is quite a lot in the buzz these days because it has some real good features and the leading one being Google Now. Even though the user experience may not be as potent as Android 4.0 ICS, Google has hopes for Jelly Bean as well. Jelly Bean seems to be the current Android flavor.

Just check this video:

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