Jelly Bean Port for Samsung Vibrant T959

Samsung Vibrant gets Jelly Bean Update

Samsung Vibrant T959 is a popular Android Smart Phone which is considered as an adaptable and compatible phone among its competitors. This is because it is flexible enough to receive and use the updates that come up very smartly. And now we have some good news for Samsung Vibrant users.

Android Jelly Bean has jumped into Samsung Vibrant. Yes, you are getting it right. Samsung Vibrant gets Jelly Bean. This is a port as created by Team Android Jelly Bean. With Jelly Bean port on Samsung Vibrant there are many amazing features getting added to the handset. The performance of the phone will become quite smooth and there would be improved Google Search, offline typing facility and many such amazing features. We are not telling that Jelly Bean ROM for Samsung Vibrant is without bugs. Of course, there are certain things that are not working and these things include:



Many other things

But once you should try this ROM to improvise on the performance. You will witness that there would be buttery smooth experience. You would feel the real feeling of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Main things such as Audio, Camera, Storage, Wi-Fi and more are not working in this ROM. If you’re looking to try out Jelly Bean 4.1 on your device then this ROM is really worth trying out. It is important to note that this ROM would be suitable for those who have enough technical knowledge and those who are not confident should avoid taking this risk. We have done research at various Android based forums and have come up with this method. However, we have not tried this method personally and thus if at all anything goes wrong we shall not be responsible for that.

Disclaimer: Kindly try Samsung Galaxy Vibrant Jelly Bean ROM port at your risk. Trying this ROM includes risk of bricking the device, loss of data and loss of warranty.

Install Jelly Bean 4.1 on Samsung Vibrant

  1. Take complete back up first.
  2. Charge your handset to the extent of 70 percent.
  3. Disable all antivirus suites and KIES.
  4. Enable USB Debugging.
  5. Install Vibrant drivers.
  6. Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Samsung Virant.
  7. Download Android Jelly Bean ROM from hereofficial development thread at XDA.
  8. Copy the downloaded file to internal SD Card on your Samsung Vibrant.
  9. Boot into ClockworkMod.
  10. Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  11. Install Zip from SD card>Choose Zip from SD card>Selecet the Zip file that was transferred earlier.
  12. Wait till installation gets over and after that select reboot system now.
  13. This completes the process.

Now, you have Android Jelly Bean 4.1 on Samsung Vibrant. We hope that you liked this tutorial. It would be better that you read the entire article carefully and only after you are clear with all the technical things involved, you must try it. Kindly share your views here that how did you feel after trying this update.


  1. robert ward says:

    i tried jelly bean then after reflashed cm10 ever since i get severe lag and stalling anyone else have this issue?

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