Is Android Jelly Bean on Motorola Defy Really Coming Up?

Jelly Bean 4.1.1 on Defy Pre-Alpha CM10

Motorola Defy is a bit old Android Smart Phone. But it has its own space in the Android world. People like this handset for the kind of versatility it holds. Defy has amazing features and looks and that’s the main reason for its popularity and reputation. Its large display and access to number of apps make it a famous deal within the developer’s circle. There’s a teaser moving around that CM10 will come up on Motorola Defy.

In fact some developments are going on at Developers’ forum in this regards. Motorola Defy already had the ICS update long back and now it’s going to be Jelly Bean. This news is surely going to create a stir among Motorola users. Everything still seems to be in the pre-alpha stage. But the news that there’s CM10 for Motorola Defy is true mainly because you can see some developments as well as screen shots at XDA. We have shared the official link at the end of the post.

CyanogenMod team had released CM9 RC1 sometime back and now again there’s a solid development. CM10 is going to be Jelly Bean and this is what CM team had confirmed a few days back. Now when we have heard that Motorola Defy will get CM10 then it means that we can expect lot many feature additions, customization and a better user experience.  Google has already released the source code and thus CyanogenMod team has started with the testing procedures. LG Optimus 4X HD is also said to be getting CM10. In fact teasers have also come up in relation to CM10 on Skyrocket. Now, this means that there’s going to be news galore for us coming up over a few days.

Now, you will ask that how could we trace that CM10 is coming on Motorola Defy? Well, at XDA,  one of the members, jurgen99 had intimated that he was able to find CM10 Motorola Defy pictures on the internet. He initially thought that this is CM0 development on Defy. But later after discussing with other testers and developers, he came down to a conclusion that it’s not CyanogenMod on Defy, but it’s something else.  Senior member androidfreak at XDA concluded that it’s Jelly Bean on Motorola Defy. Yes, he also provided link of the pictures that would show Motorola Defy on Jelly Bean.

Now, whether it is CM10 or Jelly Bean ROM for Motorola Defy we have always appreciated the development that Android platform comes up with. So, what we can do is, wait and watch as to what’s in the store for us.

XDA Discussion Thread:

Picture showing Jelly Bean on Motorola Defy:



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