Install Minisense V2 ROM on Samsung Galaxy Mini

Minisense ROM with HTC Interface on Galaxy Mini

Reputed XDA Development Forum Developer Gautam Niwas has updated the beauty sense ROM for ace just a few days back. He named this updated ROM as Minisense ROM. He created Minisense ROM for Samsung Galaxy Mini to provide it with full HTC interface. This ROM is smooth, fast and works like charm. It has been created in such a way that the looks that it generates give an impression of HTC stock ROMs. It is also important to note that this the base of this ROM is cyanogenmod 7.2

During the development stage he first created Minisense V1. You can DOWNLOAD MINISENSE V1, if you want. But there is a bug here, which is being sorted out for V2 version. However, just to note the features read on below:

It is based on CM 7.2

It is fully deodexed

It is smooth or can say super smooth

Adrenaline script


Build.prop tweaks

HTC keyboard

Good battery

Super speed

HTC launcher, beatsmusik, lockscreen, themes, widgets and sounds

In V1 there are not much bugs. But the prominent one that is found is in regards to boot animation. There is no boot animation.

Now, here comes Minisense V2 for Galaxy Mini. You can DOWNLOAD MINISENSE V2 and also DOWNLOAD NEW UPDATE.ZIP . Mind well, without this video recording will not work.

In Minisense ROM V2 for Galaxy Mini even better features were added.

Features of Minisense V2  ROM for Galaxy Mini

Super duper smooth ROM

Megabass beat audio that will work towards amazing sound quality and fine sound

Addition of scripts for better performance

Music app of cyanogenmod added

Involvement of HTC music player

Amazing boot animation

Touchpal keyboard

Perfect battery back up

Antutu benchmark score 2042 with performance @ 787mhz

The best thing about this ROM is, it is still going to touch the advanced stage and this means that V3 is on the way and it is going to be something rocking!

Android handsets have a large support from the developers’ community. This community has a good contribution in the field of development of custom ROMs. But the question is, is it worth to take this risk of installation of custom ROM on the android phone? The answer is it is true that installing custom ROMs is something that messes with your phone’s original Firmware. Of course, this is risky to a certain extent. The major risk is bricking of the handset. Thus, it is recommended that only when you have some knowledge about custom ROM installation on android gadgets. This is something not apt for people who do not have any technical knowledge.  Thus, kindly read the disclaimer first before moving ahead to the installation of Minisense ROM on Galaxy Mini.

Disclaimer: Minisense ROM is a new ROM and thus installing V1 and V2 versions on your Galaxy Mini handset can be a bit risky. Go ahead at your own risk. If while carrying out the procedure something goes wrong then we shall not be responsible for that. You should take the procedure up at your own risk.

Install Minisense V2 ROM on Samsung Galaxy Mini

As per developer Gautam Niwas, the procedure should be followed carefully as given below:

The first step is to place and in sd card

Now, install zip from sd card using a custom recovery

After that you must bootup your phone

Now, set the theme to htc

Start agile lock

Reboot Galaxy Mini recovery


That’s it! The procedure gets completed and you have now successfully installed Minisense V2 on Galaxy Mini.

For further info over this you can visit the official thread of XDA:



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