Install ICS ROM on LG Nitro HD P930 (Leaked Firmware)

LG Nitro HD P930 gets ICS Flavor

LG Nitro HD is a perfect and functional Android device for all those looking for an affordable yet stylish phone. The looks really give you an amazing impression about the gadget. It is equipped with 1024MB RAM and has dual core processor which affects the performance with high potency. Big screen and high resolution display make it a killer device. It has high resolution camera that really is the best feature in it. Even though, this is not an high end gadget right now, many people have affinity towards LG brand and for that they would prefer buying LG devices only. People were expecting an upgrade from LG officially, but nothing actually happened.

Now, since it had inbuilt Android 2.3.5 many users were a bit frustrated with this as they wanted an update. Well, here’s good news for Nitro HD users. LG Nitro will now be able to taste delicious Ice Cream Sandwich. Yes, at Rootzwiki Android 4.0 leaked build is shared. This is truly amazing news for LG Nitro lovers.

We have received a few updates on this leak and could understand that those who have already tried flashing the ROM on LG Nitro were quite happy. They found that LG Nitro ICS ROM worked like charm. Well, if you are an ardent tester and love experimenting then we don’t mind showing you the procedure for installing ICS leaked ROM on LG Nitro HD P930. But we would appreciate, if you read the given disclaimer thoroughly.

 Disclaimer: It is important to note that installing this ROM can be risky. If while installing this ROM anything goes wrong Androidust shall not be responsible for the same. You should do this at your own risk. We have not personally tested this ROM on the said phone but we have derived the installation procedure from reputed XDA forum.

Note: It is important to note that since the installation of Rom always   opens up risk for data loss, you must take back up of apps, APN settings and data on the phone.

Also, we would appreciate if you keep the phone charged to the extent of some 60 percent. This will avoid any sort of hurdle in the procedure in relation to the battery.

We expect that you have LG Nitro drivers rightly installed.

As per the official XDA thread, the installation goes this way:

Install ICS ROM on LG Nitro HD P930

Download the file from this link. This is ROM file:

Now, extract the zip file.

In the extract you will find drivers and applications.

Double click on application

Put the phone in PC mode.

Now, let flashing begin.

It will take some time, have patience.

Let the phone get rebooted.

With this, the ROM will be installed.

However, if you have any issues you can comment here. The discussion forum for LG Nitro HD ICS ROM has the same procedure. Just check out:

So, what do you think? Are you keeping fingers crossed for an official update or are you planning to install leaked ICS ROM for LG Nitro HD.










  1. hey i tried but it dnt work. it says file can’t be extracted what to do next?? Please help me

  2. Roberto says:

    Hi, thanks’s my nitro now really have nitro!!

  3. hi , thanks what android versiyon pls anroid 4.03 help?

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