Install Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) on LG Optimus ME P350 (Alpha ROM Release)

ICS on LG Optimus ME P350 Reviewed (Alpha version)

ICS on LG Optimus ME P350Whenever we hear of ICS official or an alpha version firmware we get anxious over what would it be like. Even for LG Optimus ME P350 the users were desperate to have an ICS update. With the recent release of ICS alpha version for this phone, many users have become quite desperate to have this. But please think twice before you do that. We have tested this alpha version and we could rate it as 2/10.

Yes, this version is not that attractive as it should have been. It is not at all convenient to occupy your two fingers to make the touch work. With out that, your touch won’t work properly. Even call options face many issues.

We would recommend that users wait for the something better as this version is simply not worth. This teaser is not apt for daily use. But still, if you have an experimental or testing bug within you, nothing can stop you from installing this. For such obsessive compulsive experimenters we have the installation procedure as given below. But before that kindly read the disclaimer thoroughly.

Disclaimer: We openly suggest that you should not install this on your ME P350 LG Optimus. But still, if you wish, you can do that at your own risk. If anything goes wrong with your device then we shall not be responsible for that (though the damage could be near to negligible).

If you wish to install this ICS ROM on LG Optimus ME P350 then you must first boot into recovery mode, then make a nandroid backup and finally factory reset the handset.

After you are done with that, download ICS ROM here: ICS ROM Optimus ME P350

You are also required to download Screen Fixed patch from here: Screen Fix

And lastly, also download Touch Fix: Touch Fix

Download the zips from the above 3 links and flash them in the order as given.

After that reboot your phone. Now, you can expect ICS on the handset. Do remember that this version is very unstable and not suitable for daily use. We would recommend to try it only if you really want to have a look at it. And speaking of looks, here are few snaps of Ice Cream sandwich on LG Optimus ME P350

LG Optimus ME P350 ScreenshotsLG Optimus ME P350 ScreenshotsLG Optimus ME P350 ScreenshotsLG Optimus ME P350 Screenshots


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