Install custom ROM on Sony Ericsson WT19i Live with Walkman (0.62)

Hybrom V15 Custom ROM for WT19i Live with Walkman based on 0.62 Firmware Custom ROM Sony Ericsson WT19i Live with walkman

Earlier we saw how to root you WT19i Live with Walkman, now its time to see how we can install a feature rich custom ROM. Hybrom V15 is one of the popular Custom ROMs for WT19i. One of the senior members of XDA Forum has a contributing hand in this. This new version is truly rocking and the work seems to be quite amazing. This build is comparatively much better than the older ones. The credit for this goes to developer Bbooff. This new program rocks mainly due to the stability that it displays along with quick work and better performance. You will also have root previlages with this ROM.


Note: If you are looking to ONLY Root your WT19i after 0.62 firmware update then you can do it with the help of this: Root WT19i on 0.62 firmware update.

Features of Hybrom custom ROM for WT19i Live with Walkman

  • Root privileges
  • 4.0.2.A.0.62 Firmware i.e. Android 2.3.4
  • Go Launcher
  • Busy Box
  • Sony Sketch Font
  • Reboot in fast mode and cwm
  • Tweaks that include a good management of memory
  • Tweaks for good scrolling
  • ICS swipe notification
  • ICS transition animation
  • Cleaning script
  • Touchscreen script
  • SMS compression
  • Most of the bugs are detected and fixed
  • Many improvements added
  • Updated apps
  • And many more


Custom ROM Screen Shot

How to install custom ROM Hybrom on WT19i

Disclaimer: The procedure as given here may damage your handset if you do not follow the steps properly. We would appreciate that you should take this up only if you have technical knowledge and you know at least what you are doing. Kindly add Hybrom to WT19i at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage caused to your device.

The first and the foremost thing you are required to do is, download HYBROMAN V15 fOR WT19i.  You can download it here : HYBROMAN V15 (WT19i)

It is important to note that you must unlock the bootloader of your WT19i officially before you take up any of the procedures given below. Along with this you need to install ClockworkMod recovery and custom kernel.

You can unlock the bootloader officially through the above link and here is how you can install ClockworkMod recovery for WT19i.

Install ClockworkMod recovery for WT19i

  1. Download ClockworkMod from here: Download CWM
  2. Install ADB drivers in not already installed. Download ADB drivers
  3. Run install-cmw2.cmd (Do not run install-cmw1.cmd)
  4. Enable USB Debugging on device. (Settings->Application->Development->check USB debugging)
  5. Connect the phone to PC with the USB cable.
  6. Now just follow the instructions on the screen.

Moving on to installation of custom Rom on WT19i

  1. Copy the zip file which we downloaded initially to the SD card.
  2. Now reboot the phone into ClockworkMod.
  3. After that make a full data wipe-factory reset
  4. Also wipe cache and Dalvik cache.
  5. Now you can install zip from sd card
  6. Just wait for sometime so that installation can get completed
  7. Reboot now. ( Keep in mind that first reboot after installation might take a while and so you must have patience. Screen may get black)
  8. Reboot again.


We are sure that people with a good technical knowledge won’t face any issues with the above procedure. But if you are a newbie then you should follow the instructions properly to get it done. Here are a few questions that might arise:


1) Why we need to custom Kernel?

A. Changing Kernel will let you to overclock the CPU and you can run it at almost double the speed. Keep in mind the this speeds up the system, but drains the battery too fast.

2) Why do I need to unlock the bootloader and how to do it?

A. Hybrom do not have a boot image. When it is installed without unlocking the bootloader, the CWM recovery causes a few issues. This can be resolved only with an unlocked bootloader. The procedure to unlock Sony Ericsson bootloader officially is given earlier by us.

3) Where does we get the custom Kernel?

A. The ClockworkMod already comes with custom Kernel.

Do let us know your experience in installing custom ROM on your Sony Ericsson WT19i

Update: Hybrom Version v17 have come up and it has some superb features. Check here

Also check: ICs MIUI ROM for WT19i right here in this link,


  1. can I perform installation of custom rom on unrooted but unlocked bootloader phone

  2. What is the difference between unlocking the bootloader and rooting the phone? If the bootloader stays locked can I still install custom roms or does it need to be unlocked or can my phone only be rooted without unlocking the bootloader to install custom roms? Reply’s appreciated and thank you!!

    • Bootloader is a piece of software which basically controls the loading of the programs and data necessary to initiate the sequence of launching the OS. That’s why its called bootloader. It determines which softwares or OS to load from the internal memory and in which sequence. So if the bootloader is programed to load only one OS from the manufacturer, then its called locked bootloader. Normally most manufacturers doesn’t want or like others to run their custom ROMs on their devices. So they naturally lock the Bootloader – which determines which OS in the memory to load.

      Now independant developers like XDA guys, somehow crack the bootloader software in the phone, and programs it in such a way that, it loads their custom ROM (OS) at startup. Hence if the bootloader is locked, rooting your phone alone will not give way to load custom ROMs.

      Now Rooting is entirely different thing. Root imply full control over your phone’s capacities, softwares and even hardware tweaks like over clocking, etc. Its like admin privileges to do anything as you want with your phone.

      As far as your question is concerned, every OS loads from a bootloader – phone or computer. So without changing/unlocking the bootloader the phone cannot load any other OS. So unlocked bootloader is a must to install or load custom ROMs. Hope this answers your question !

  3. thanks a lot, but I am not able to unlock the bootloader while following the instruction from Sony as I m not able to find out what exactly command should be given by connecting my phone pliz help me as I have got my unlock code and already void my warranty,,and I m a newbie in this field. Thanks in advance

    • You just have to keep the “volume up” button pressed, you should see a blue light. When you see that, plug your phone in (after running the first fastboot getvar command) you should see “ver=0.3” or something similar on your computer screen. Then just continue following the instructions.


  5. how to bring sony ericsson live with walkman into recovery mode

  6. all done but got stucked at sonyericsson logo not going further what should i do now, i hav waited for 30 minutes

    • You mean, not able to boot into recovery mode? or phone is not booting at all?

      • I’m having his problem too. Once the phone has installed the ROM in recovery mode, i selected ‘reboot now’ and it booted up until the Sony Ericsson logo; it has been stuck there for 20 minutes already.

  7. after installing hybrom 15 unable to reboot …..

    • A few people at XDA forum has reported this issue and its a known issue. They have found a solution for this too. You can go tho this link where this custom ROM originally started. In there you can see the Installation instructions
      There they have reported this issue and the solution.

      (If anyone gets stuck at kernel logo on first reboot,he should try this also: First make the data wipe, then install,then shutdown the device.Turn it on after about 10sec)
      (Tested and confirmed by chrisbymoningka for v7)

      Original thread of this ROM:

  8. Aditya Nayak says:

    Its excellent and worked like charm for me. Dont knw how to use CWM recovery though. but the rom is running smooth :)
    Now I need to get a few apps and tweaks 😛
    thanks a lot guys……

  9. sigfried says:

    I can’t update my firmware OTA, how can I install this custom ROM> i only have 58 not 62

    • You can Install CWM and try to install it through the same procedure. It might work but we have not tried it on 0.58 firmware. So do at your own risk :)

  10. sigfried says:

    but I can’t install CWM.. I tried it the first time..I have unlocked my bootloader.but it won’t install CWM because my firmware 62 is not rooted..

  11. It seems you are still on the old firmware. I would recommend you to update it through OTA officially and then root with it with the procedure here:

    If you are having issues with updating firmware OTA then I think there is some issue with your phone. You can once factory reset your phone and try updating it again. Also if you are on old firmware you can try this old method by us before Live with Walkman got the update :

  12. Thanks a lot :) now am on rooted .62 everything is fine, could you tell me how can i remove some of the default apps. It is not uninstalling thru normal uninstall.

  13. hi, i did downgrade to 58, i root it but cant update to 62 then. Pls someone help me. I tried to install rom without update to 62 but its stoppped on sony ericsson logo. :(

    • Why did you mix up the two separate procedures ? If you have installed CMW then try to get into recovery mode and see if u can get correct it from there. Or else check the stock recovery process.

  14. ok. but i did root first. I downgraded phone to 58 from 62. I root it and next step is update soft to 62 using wifi. but it says i cant update it…

    • It could have been any temporary issue either with your phone or contacting Sony Ericsson update service. You could have rebooted the phone a few times or wiped the cache files and tried to update it again. Trying two different procedures might end up messing up things.

  15. i can get into recovery mode but on 58 version. i choose rom zip file on my sd card and after installation i reboot it and its stop at se logo. i have to do it on 62 am i right ?

  16. so when i want install this rom i dont have to root my phone first ?? i unlocked bootloader. after that downgrade to 58, next root it , next want to make update but it failed.

  17. ok . Im on 62 now, i used wotan. What should i do now to have this custom rom ? dont have to downgrade and root phone ?

  18. thank you very much 😉 now i have problem with instal recovery mode ;P how can i do it without superuser ?

  19. hi. Im finally install new custom rom. Thank you ! 😉 but… 😛 i noticed that videos on my youtube aplication streams very slow, not like in stock rom very fast. It is normal ??

  20. joel foronda says:

    not rebooting after install custom firmware, stuck at SE logo.

  21. John Gresham says:

    I’ve installed the custom ROM and selected “reboot now”, after that, it was stuck at “sony ericsson” screen for like 10 minutes. I removed the battery to turn it off but after I turned it on again it was still stuck at the “sony ericsson” screen. Now, I can’t reboot back into CWM even if I press the volume down button. How am I supposed to do this>> ( First make the data wipe, then install,then shutdown the device.Turn it on after about 10sec) if I can’t access CWM because of the stuck screen? I’m getting frustrated :(

  22. Cant get Clockworks working…
    In the end of procces it always says su:permission denied…
    I thought this is supposed to work without root :S

    • In addition i am sure that i unlocked it, because i can see it in config. Instead of unblock Allow: yes, it says bootloader unblocked: yes

  23. I had the same problem.
    I did the following to resolve:
    1.) Followed instructions in this post ( to get my phone back to previous state.
    [P.S: You only need to hold down the volume down key in step number 2 there]

    2.) Unlocked the phone using this post (

    3.) Installed Rage kernel using this post (

    4.) Installed this Rom [v16 actually: Download from here – . install as described in this tutorial]

    and it worked like a charm 😀

    Hope this helps.

  24. I have a problem. I have unlocked the bootloader and now i’m trying to install the clockworkmod but when i run “install-cmw2.cmd” the window says that “ADB is not recognized as an internal or external control or as a batch file”. But i have installed the drivers with Android SDK and normally the computer recognize the drivers!!
    Can you tell me how can I solve this problem?

    (P.S.: sorry for my inperfect english, i’m italian!)

  25. Is it just me or this HybromanV15 ROM drains battery like hell !!!

  26. If I install this custom ROM on my phone can I still update my phone to official ICS release from Sony which ll be release at the end of May / start of June? Or for that to work, another hack will be needed?

  27. Hi guys, I downgraded to .58 and install the custom rom and it hangs at kernel logo there. I tried to open recovery mode also fail. Please help!!!!

  28. i am f***d up my phone just says sony erricsoon logo forever wat to do noiw??? pls hellp how to recover from it.

  29. This is one hell of a post! Great post, super descriptive, clear conceptions and nicely organized.
    I rooted my LWW with the help of your site. I owe you one.

  30. Ics,4.0 my fabaret

  31. matthew says:

    hi guys can you help me pls …i think i brick my sony wt19i ..i rooted my phone and install cwm .but i didnt make unlock bootloader because i cant …now i found a custom rom hybrom ..i press down the volume several times and go on cwm and install hybrom ..but when i reboot it they stuck on sony ericsson logo ..what i have to do ..i know i make a mistake without making unlock bootloader ..but there is option to bring normal back ?

  32. who had strucked at logo try this restart phone(eject btry and insert) now go to boot menu make a full data wipe-factory reset
    Also wipe cache and Dalvik again rebot ur phone and go to boot men again and now install hybroman

  33. Are there different methods for installing a custom rom and what actually happens when we root an android device? I have been told that after rooting we get full memory access is that right coz there is a memory issue in android phones when we move an app to sd some of its part still takes space on the phone memory, Please guide me.

  34. Hi

    am using Sony Ericsson walkman live phone
    recently i installed HTC seance but that one is not good how to remove,
    please help me

  35. Why didn’t you post the latest version of Hybrom? is v17 not v15.
    And the article was much better before you pushed for this rom, and just simply explained how to root the STOCK firmware.

    Try to upload the last version ov Hybrom, this one is outdated!


  36. My Sony Ericsson Live with walkman phone’ applications which require Internet are not working ( gives error in connection).
    However it is 3G enabled and internet is working fine on it through its Browser.



  37. Anonymous says:

    i can’t go to recovery my phone stuck for 3 hours

  38. My WT19i is hanging so much.. Plzz help me out by giving any fixing trip…

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