Install ClockworkMod Recovery on Sony Xperia T

ClockworkMod for Sony Xperia T

This is breaking news for Xperia T users. We were just wondering that will James Bond install CWM on his Sony Xperia T? Well, we don’t know about that. But we are sure most of the Android geeks would be thrilled to flash CWM on Xperia T. ClockworkMod Recovery is quite helpful as it is required in flashing ROMs. If you install CWM on your Android handset you are actually adding power to your mobile phone and it will be powerful enough to perform various other important functions. Like for example, you can perform some advanced functions like recovery, restoration, maintenance and installation on your Android. Normally, you can not perform such functions with Stock Recovery. This is really one of the best ways to the gain root access, back up device data, install a custom ROMs, kernels, themes, mods etc.

But we would like to warn the newbie that procedures like flashing CWM can be a bit risky if they do not perform the procedure properly. Therefore we would request that only regular testers and android geeks come ahead to test this. However, if you have some technical knowledge and confident enough then you can give it a try. But kindly do so at your risk.

Disclaimer: You can download and install ClockworkMod Recovery on Xperia T at your risk. shall not be responsible for any problem that might come up on your phone.

Procedure to Install CWM on Sony Xperia T

  1. It would be better that firstly you take complete back up of your phone. This will help you to retrieve the data even if there’s a mishap like data loss.
  2. Keep your Android phone charged to the extent of 80 percent.
  3.  Download CWM for Xperia T from the official link given at the end of the post.
  4.  Download Fastboot now and get it at a suitable location.
  5. Open the command window in fastboot.
  6. Copy the recovery.img to the fastboot folder
  7. Type fastboot flash boot recovery.img
  8. Now you must type fastboot reboot
  9. You are done. You are on CWM.

We hope you will find this tutorial quite useful. Do let us know your feedback on this. Also, ask your doubts and queries right here. We shall answer you shortly.

P.S. This procedure requires unlocked bootloader for Xperia T.

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