ICS MIUI ROM for Sony Ericsson WT19i Live with Walkman

ROM for Xperia WT19i Live with Walkman

Over clock SE WT19i Live with Walkman

Xperia WT19i Live with Walkman is a functional handset and this Smart Phone has been popular among Android geeks. Even though lately, WT19i has started receiving developers’ attention, ROMs are still meager for this handset. But whichever custom ROMs have been released till now, they have really been quite useful to the users.

Some words of caution:

For those, who have some technical knowledge and are ready to take the risk, there should be certain important things to be kept in mind:

The very first rule is, since this is a risky procedure you must take back up of the phone data. Yes, you must take back up of the stock ROM, phone data as well as the applications. For stock ROM back up, you can use ROM Manager. For phone applications and data, you can use Titanium Backup software. This is a vital procedure because, in case if you lose the data or application access, the back up will come down at your resort.

It is also important to note the positive side and that is, with Android Custom ROMs you can get free from the load of bloatware and unwanted applications that are given to you by default. Apart from that, it also includes features, like overclocking, themes, private browsing support, and so on.

We have already mentioned information about the functional Hybrom ROM in this post: Install Custom ROM on WT19i 

  • Camera working perfectly, both front and back
  • Smooth
  • Better performance
  • Mono Speaker working
  • Wi-Fi, SMS, Vibration, GPS etc. perfectly smooth
  • Things that are working:
  • Theme
  • Sensor
  • SMS
  • Phone
  • SD Card
  • Blue Tooth
  • Much more
  • Things that do not work:
  • Data
  • Video player lag
  • Report
  • Camcorder

The download link for this ROM is given here below. But before you download ICS MIUI ROM on your WT19i kindly read the disclaimer:

Disclaimer: Downloading or using this ROM on your handset can be risky. This ROM still has a few bugs and thus we recommend that you should use it only if you have enough technical knowledge. Kindly use it at your own risk. While downloading or installing this ROM if anything goes wrong with your phone, Androidust shall not be responsible for that.


alpha 1:   MF   |   HF   |
alpha 2:   not available for public
alpha 3:   MF   |   HF   |   RS   |   KERNEL

In order to flash this ROM, there are basically a few pre-requirements that should be fulfilled and these include:

  1. Unlocked bootloader
  2. Clockworkmod Recovery
  3. Latest Kernel ICS FXP
  4. Baseband 64

For getting more info on this project, you can check out this at XDA Forum.

This ROM is developed by LASAN. Even before this, we have received the contribution from Lasan and with this, it is confirmed that every time, there is some positive thing added to the portfolio. Currently, this company is also working on other projects like, Sony Beta ROM for Xperia Play, ICX AOSP ROM, HTC Sense ROM for Xperia Play.


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