Ice Cream Sandwich update for SIM-free Galaxy S2 Officially

ICS Update for SIM Free Samsung Galaxy S2 Owners via KIES

As per Samsung’s confirmation to CNET UK some days back, lot of efforts were taken in order to roll out Ice Cream Sandwich update for Samsung Galaxy S2 users in UK. But today, finally we got some good news. Some of the Galaxy S2 users reported that finally they were able to upgrade their device. Yes, they had SIM free Galaxy S2. Even Samsung UK’s FaceBook page indicated that ICS is now made available to SIM free Galaxy S2 owners.

Galaxy S2 sim free Ice cream sandwich update

Do you have a SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S2? If yes, then you can download Ice Cream Sandwich with Samsung KIES which is Samsung’s device management software.  You must connect your device to Kies with the help of USB data cable. Alternatively, you can even use Wi-Fi for this. With this, you will be able to check the update. When the users came to know about the update, they were happy. But within they also had some frustration and anger because the ICS roll out had been delayed a lot. But finally after this news flashed there was some amount of relief. Initially there were some rumors a few days back saying that until all the carriers with S2 do not get an ICS update, SIM free unlocked S2 phones won’t get the ICS update. This kind of rumor had increased the frustration levels and people kept on complaining via tweets and posts to Samsung. Earlier we had seen ICS update for Germany, Netherland, Central Europe .

This means that since AT&T version is nearer, SIM free S2 owners were given this treat. Orange and T-Mobile customers are still waiting to try this new operating system. Since testing and approval processes are going on they will follow the bandwagon in sometime. Unlocked SIM free Galaxy S2 phones will now enjoy all the updated features and this is really good news for all those waiting desperately for the latest ICS official update.

Some people will say what a big deal about this update? Well, it is a big deal and that’s the reason why Android communities, Forums and sites have queries in relation to this update. There are many good apps that users will be able to use after an ICS update and this include apps like Visidon applock, ICS launcher, Google Chrome to Phone, ICS keyboard, 3G watch dog etc.

Not only these, in the current times, people have become tech savvy and thus they wish to use the latest updates and upgrades. All these factors have contributed in enhancing the levels of frustration among S2 users who were desperately waiting for ICS update since long but received just now.

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