Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update for AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket (Leaked)

Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket AT&TWe know many of you are waiting for long to see Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update on your Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket on AT&T. Since it’s cousin Galaxy S2 (unlocked) got the ICS update a few weeks back, it’s exiting but the wait is agonizing. But here is a good news for the AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket owners, we just heard about ICS firmware leak for the AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket 4G (popularly known as SGH-I727) which is about to be released in few weeks time. This is a leaked Ice-cream Sandwich Firmware for Samsung Skyrocket 4G.

The reason why, this leak seems to be a hit in the market is the firmware has no bugs and it performs amazingly on the gadget. On reading this, it is for sure that, you as an owner of Samsung Skyrocket 4G on AT&T would get tempted to install leaked ICS firmware on your devices. So here’s the step by step procedure that will help you install ICS firmware on SGS2 Skyrocket 4G. But before that, we recommend that you read the disclaimer as given below:

Disclaimer: We believe that leaked ICS for SGS2 Skyrocket 4G has amazing features. But installing the same on your device may be dangerous, if you do not follow the steps properly. This is because, if you do it carelessly then you may end up bricking the device or you may lose some useful data. The website should not be held responsible for any loss occurred during the process. Do at your own risk.

Now, before moving to the procedure, it is vital that you take back up of the phone and this must include everything right from the contacts, applications, sms etc. You will need a wipe clean and therefore take the back up first.

Step by step instructions to install leaked ICS on SGS2 Skyrocket 4G

  1. The first and the foremost thing you are required to do is, download the firmware file from below.ICS Ice cream Sandwich update
    Samsung Skyrocket ICS
  2. It is a one-click exe file. The benefit of this is, it also contains ODIN along with the desired firmware packages.
  3. After downloading it, double-click the exe and just wait for a while till ODIN starts.
  4. Just when ODIN starts, you will be required to turn off your 4G device and re-insert the battery.
  5. After that boot your handset into Download mode. You can do this by pressing the Volume Up key along with Volume Down simultaneously and connecting it to your PC or Laptop. Just bear in mind that you have to keep the buttons pressed while connecting your phone to your PC, so that the phone boots into Download mode.
  6. After the device boots in Download mode and when the ODIN also recognizes this, you must click on Start button as given in ODIN. Now wait for it to flash the firmware.
  7. When the firmware is flashed, you will see that your AT&T phone will restart on its own. But the very first boot is a bit time-consuming. You must have some patience.

Congrats! You are done. Now you can enjoy the official AT&T ICS firmware even before its officially released.

We hope that the above tutorial was quite helpful to you. If you have any doubts, you can share them with us.

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