Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) custom ROM for HTC sensation XE on 4.0.3

Dark Forest ROM for HTC Sensation XE ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) Android 4.0.3 & Sense 3.6

Are you looking for a rocking custom ROM for HTC Sensation XE? If yes, then Dark Forest ROM with ICS 4.0.3 and Sense 3.6 is something that will enchant you. The only pre-requisite is before flashing this ROM you must upgrade your firmware to 3.32.401.105.

Features of the Dark Forest custom ROM for Sensation XE

Now, let us look into some cool features of this ROM

  • This Dark Forest ROM is one ROM for all – Sensation 4G/Orange U.K/XE versions
  • It is based on Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 Android and Sense 3.6
  • This is a special ROM because, it is the first HTC Sensation XE ROM that has a fully functional Dice App.
  • It has optimized and zipaligned apks with newest SDK R16
  • There is ZipAligned on boot for max RAM efficiency
  • It has newest Busybox installed (1.19.4)
  • It has Sony Bravia engine
  • Many speed tweaks are added to enhance performance
  • Removed all HTC Bloatware/junk apps
  • Youtube fixed
  • Added standard apps like facebook, twitter etc
  •  SuperUser updated
  • Beats Audio with more bass
  • Added Bash Support
  • Added Nano, sysrw, sysro
  • Added WiFi Calling
  • Lot of XML cleanups
  • Advanced Power Men
  • Using Aroma Installer
  • And many more

So overall this ROM looks pretty good and seems stable from the feedbacks from the XDA forum about it. Some of the features to look out is the Beats Audio with enhanced bass, better battery efficiency, Sony Bravia engine, improved volume output and a few others. Only thing which we noticed was, there isn’t much change in screen clarity with the addition of the Bravia engine, also we are not sure about any enhancement it does to the frame rate while gaming but you can visit their website and check the specifications for more specifications. Also as per the developer of this ROM – Jonny from XDA developers, there are more features and tweaks to be added in future. These include an alternative for beats audio to have Dolby, SRS, no-effect and EQ in the music enhancer.

Here are a few screen shots from the developer:

ICS ROM HTC Sensation XEICS ROM HTC Sensation XE settingsCustom ROM Sensation XE ICSHTC Sensation XE ROM Version

You can download this ROM and more information about this ROM here at XDA forum thread.


  1. This rom has some serious problems I tried it on my phone..

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