How to Tether Motorola Droid X to share internet to the PC or Laptop

Tether Motorola Droid X and Share its Internet with your PC

Tether Motorola Droid XMotorola Droid X is feature rich Android mobile phone as it is loaded with so many useful features. Also, it rocks, as far as the looks and design is concerned. But there is one more feature that Motorola Droid X is potent for and that is, the tethering feature. Yes, Motorola Droid X can use the tool known as PdaNet and this enables it to share the internet connection with your PC. You can enable the phone to connect to the computer, Wi-Fi and even the data service. Apart from this, it is important to note that the Droid is even capable enough to download at a speed of 35MBPS which is quite appreciable.

Now, here’s is the tutorial for all those who had been searching for tethering Motorola Droid X and share the internet connection with PC.

How to tether internet to PC

  • You will need the USB drivers to connect it to PC.  Download USB drivers
  • You will also need to download the Tethering Software and this can be downloaded from here.
  • Once you download and install the PDANet software on the PC as well as on the Android handset from the given link, the USB drivers will get automatically installed. After you are done with that, you must check the USB debugging on the phone. You can do that by : Applications>Settings>Development>Enable USB Debugging.
  • Now connect the android device with the USB data cable and launch PDANET software tool.
  • You must now click on Turn PdaNet On.
  • Now, move to your computer and on the PDANET software click Connect and there you are!

Congrats, you have tethered your Motorola Droid X successfully and now you can share the internet connection on your PC as well and this would be a high speed internet.

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