How to tether Galaxy S2 as Wifi Hotspot or USB internet gateway

Samsung GALAXY S2We live in the era where Android phone rules. The reasons that make Samsung Galaxy S2a ruler could be anything, right from the sleek design to high-end performance. Of course, you should never forget the amazing features that would give the extra convenience to the Android phone users.

Just think for a while that your internet Wi-Fi connection has been disrupted due to certain reasons or may be you have given a short vacation to the internet connection, in that case you can use the internet power of the android phone on any Wi-Fi capable device like laptop, which is kept near the android phone. Yes, tethering will enable your Android device to act as a WiFi Hotspot to any nearby Wi-Fi capable gadget or can be directly connected as USB internet gateway.

Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the most popular high-end Android handset. Would you like to use it as a Wi-Fi router or modem? By enabling such features, you will be able to feed internet connection to laptops, tablets as well as other handsets that have Wi-Fi feature on.

Before you begin tethering kindly note:

It is important to note that for tethering you will need a handset which is on Android 2.3 or above. This is because the devices that run under Android 2.2 or below won’t have tethering facility by default. To use tethering on such devices which are not on latest Android, you can get tethering app on Android market. Example : Easy Tether. Luckily Samsung Galaxy S2 is Gingerbread (Android 2.3) by default.

It is also important to keep in mind that, you must make inquiries with your phone network in regards to the charges. Some networks take some one time payment and then they allow you to use unlimited internet the way you wish on your handset. Also, some networks have charge per hour or charge per megabyte. You must stay clear with this.

How to tether Samsung Galaxy S2 for sharing its internet connection

Tethering and portable hotspotIt is fairly simple, first go to settings of the Galaxy S2 and tap on Wireless and network. After that, just move down by scrolling and tap on Tethering and portable hotspot. Now, you will come across these two options: USB tethering and Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings. You must select the 2nd one Portable Wi-Fi hotspots settings or else if you need to save your battery while tethering the internet connection, then select USB tethering.

When you are done with that you will get a pop up that would provide info about increase in data usage as well as the battery usage. Just select OK. Now, you will be given the way (prompts) with the help of which you can make a network SSID (Give a name to your Hotspot). Follow that and tap on Save. Now you will be told to feed in the password so that the network SSID becomes secured with the password security. Now after this, no one else will be authorized to use the network unless and until you permit them to do so. Now all of the WiFi devices around will see this SSID and you can easily connect to your phones internet easily with the password provided. If you are using it through the USB cable then you can connect and access it as the internet gateway.

Congratulations, you have successfully tethered the Samsung Galaxy S2 and now you can share the internet connection from the phone on your laptop or another wi-fi enabled device. Check out our tutorial on doing the reverse process of this here : Reverse tether Samsung Galaxy S2

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