How to root Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100G on DZKJ2 2.3.6

Root Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100G) DZKJ2 2.3.6

Root Samsung Galaxy S2 I900g DZKJ2 2.3.6Rooting is a very popular and useful procedure these days. Technically, rooting means getting into the operating system of the Android phone and making changes and modification therein, as needed. After rooting you can remove the default useless apps from the system. You can even install custom ROMs and other apps that would require rooting the phone. In short, rooting will enable you to get privilege control within the Android system. There are certain limitations that carriers and manufacturers put on the Android phones. By rooting the phone, you can free the android phone.

There are many custom ROMs leaked time and again for Samsung galaxy S2. Most of them are quite rocking and the reason why people like it is, they make the experience much better. But if you want to take benefit of these custom ROMs then you have to root the Galaxy S2 phone. These days rooting have also become very easy. Thanks to the Superoneclick program and unlock root programs that you don’t have to go through the complicated and complex command line.

It is reported that many users of Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100G DZKJ 2.3.6 have faced some issues in rooting. Thus, in order to overcome these shortcomings, you can follow the method as given below for rooting your Galaxy S2 I9100G  DZKJ 2.3.6 Firmware. It is unlock root method. But before that, just go through the disclaimer as given below:

Disclaimer: Rooting an android device makes the warranty of the phone void. Also, rooting procedure is risky as in it may brick your phone or your data may get lost or some kind of phone damage may occur. If any such thing happens, we should not be held responsible for that. Root your phone at your own risk.

Procedure to root on DZKJ 2.3.6 firmware :

Before we begin the procedure, we recommend you to take back up of your contacts and applications. This is very much vital because if while rooting some mishap occurs and if you lose your data then it will make things quite complicated.

Now, following the rooting procedure, the very first thing that you must do is download Unlock Root.

Do not forget to put the Samsung galaxy handset in the USB debugging mode. You can do this by: Settings>Applications>Development>check USB debugging.


  1. Now, take USB data cable and connect your device to your PC.
  2. Run UnlockRoot.exe.
  3. Click “Unlock Root”.
  4. After that choose the device as connected, in your case it will be your Galaxy S2.
  5. Getting shell root permission may take some time. Have patience.
  6. Skip installation of battery saver.
  7. Reboot your phone now.


This completes the rooting procedure. Congratulations! You successfully rooted your Samsung galaxy S2 I9100G DZKJ2.3.6.

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