How to root Motorola Fire XT311 with SuperOneClick method

Motorola FIRE XT311Motorola Fire XT311 came in the market in July 2011. But it did not support simple ways of rooting. Many developers have been trying to root Motorola Fire XT311 since the time it had launched. But many attempts failed. However, One of the users/developers of XDA Forum named lichingho posted in November, one such rooting method that actually worked well on Moto X316 (based on 2.3.4). While in December 2011 developer SMNC suggested that the same method will also help in rooting Motorola Fire XT311.

In this article we will mention the method to root Motorola Fire XT311 as given in the XDA developer’s forum. It is important to note that we have not personally tested this method and thus we do not have a very clear picture about it. We recommend that such methods should be tried only by tech savvy people and Android developers who have exact idea about such things. Please read the disclaimer below:

Disclaimer: It is important to note that rooting Motorola Fire XT311 may bring some major changes in your handset and you may even lose the data. However, there are also some chances that the device may face bricking.  We shall not be responsible for any damage caused to your phone. This information is produced with care and as available in the XDA forum. It is also important to keep in mind that rooting the phone makes its warranty void. Root your phone at your own risk.

How to root Motorola Fire XT311

Before we start the rooting procedure, we would recommend you First install a backup application that will backup all your data, setting and contacts. You have plenty of apps to do it at Android market. Once you are done with all the back up activity, follow these steps to root your phone:

First download this package which contains all the files you will need to root the phone: Download here or alternate location here.


  1. First of all uncompress the downloaded package and keep it ready.
  2. Now enable USB debugging by going to Application setting >> development >> enable “USB debugging” and connect your phone to your computer.
  3. Next open the uncompressed folder which you downloaded earlier and find install SUT1.75 and install it.
  4. Now run SUT1.75 and then select the corresponding file which is FXX_PR3_NV.xml from the ROOT folder which we downloaded.
    While it is running, when task 2 of 2 is finished, click on Finish button. And the your phone will switch off and reboot.
  5. After the phone is rebooted, open a command prompt and run the below:
    cd (folder of ROOTD3)->
    adb shell
  6. Now wait till “#” appear and as soon as you see it, close the cmd window.
  7. now open RootD3 folder and run RootD3_zhCN.cmd (During this process your phone might reboot 3 times, check weather it boots or you need to unplug USB cable and do a manual reboot )
  8. Next SuperOneClick folder and run SuperOneClick.exe and just press Root

This will root your Motorola Fire XT311 successfully and now you can enjoy all the new functionality and privileges.

The information as given here comes basically from a Chinese android development forum called DK Forum.


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  2. Could you PLEASE reupload this? It would make me so happy :3

  3. Oh god sorry, I thought my first one didn’t get posted…

  4. Hello
    I’m stuck in one of the steps. Everythink is ok but and I’ve done all steps that you provide but I got error like this in cmd
    c:\androroot\RootD3\abd shell
    * daemon not running, starting it now on port 5037 *
    ADB server didn’t ACK
    *failed to start daemon*
    error: cannot connect to daemon

    I’ve tried many option from other side but no result
    I would be very grateful for any help or link to solution
    Thanks, great job !

  5. When I do the SUT1.75 I get:
    Error code: 0x4000
    Error Dowload failed

  6. Gracias, pero no pude, por problemas en el paso 4, a continuación los describo:
    Motorola SPICE key ST311
    Software Update Tool
    Update proces fails with below error!
    Error Code: 0x4000
    Error: Download fail
    Error = DEVICE_NOT_CONFIGURE (0x4000).

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