How to root Micromax A85 on Gingerbread in simple steps

Root Micromax A85Micromax A85 is a new device and it has come into the market around November 2011. As soon as this Superfone came in, it surely created a stir in the android market as well as among the developers. A85 when launched, seemed to be a tempting deal because it is the first dual core phone. But in reality, it was a bit low profile in regards to performance. However, developers who wish to enhance the functionality of this so called Superfone can try their hands at rooting Micromax A85 Superfone. But since Google has patched the exploits in 2.3.4 one click solutions won’t work for this android device. So now what to do?

Here is the simple rooting package for Micromax A85 Superfone as developed by popular XDA developer Ninad Chaudhri.

How to root Micromax A85 step by step guide

You can download this package for rooting Micromax A85 from here. When you are done with that you need to replace the boot.img as available in the package to upgrade to 2.3.4, to the new-boot.img. And when this replacement is done, you should rename it. But before that you are required to make sure that you remove the original one so as to avoid any sort of confusion. Now, you can move ahead with flashing the phone with the boot.

How to flash

  1. Boot up the handset now.
  2. Enable the USB Debugging and this can be done by going to settings, then, applications and then development (settings>applications> development> Enable USB Debugging )
  3. Moving ahead with the procedure, Ninad Chaudhri, in one of the threads in Android Forums suggests that after enabling USB debugging drivers for Micromax A85 must be installed. He believes that mostly drivers may be available along with the device. But if not available, then ADB drivers can be installed using other sources.
  4. Now, after driver installation, connect the device.
  5. Once that is done, you must run this: run_me.bat that is there in the extracted package.That’s it, Congrats! This will root Micromax A85 and also install busy box.


Disclaimer: It is recommended that, you use the above procedure to root the Micromax A85 Superfone at your own risk. This procedure may damage your phone or may permanently brick it. We are not responsible for that.

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  1. Hi,
    I would like to know if the performance of Superfone A85 improves after rooting it to newer verson of Android.
    1) Battery life
    2) UI performance
    3) Any issue that was there prior to rooting.

    Also, I would like to buy this phone IFF the performance improves significantly after rooting it … so please suggest me if I should go for it and buy it (and root it offcourse …. but don’t worry … if it bricks then I will not blame you for sure! :) )


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