How to root Micromax A70 and install ClockworkMod Recovery

How to Root Micromax A70 and Install Custom ClockworkMod Recovery 4 with Rom Manager

Root Micromax A70Rooting comes with several pros and several cons. While you decide to root an android you must weigh the risk benefit ratio and based on that you must move ahead. For app developers and android developers this is a passion. I am sure they would never get into such weighing measures or so. These geeks would be desperate to test the root process. Micromax A70 is an amazing android device, but not much has been tried, tested and written about this. I am sure many new developers might have tried rooting Micromax A70, but might have remained unsatisfied with the results. But in reality, rooting and unrooting Micromax A70 is very simple as compared to other Android phones. The credit for this simple procedure goes to ‘Z4 Root app‘. So, here’s the Step by Step Process to know How to Root Micromax A70 and Install Custom ClockworkMod Recovery 4 with Rom Manager. But before you try that read the disclaimer as given below:

Disclaimer: It must be noted that we shall not be responsible for any damage caused to your Micromax A70 due to rooting procedure. However, if you have any doubts you can contact us and we will surely help you. has produced the given information with care but rooting the phone makes its warranty void. Root it at your own risk.

Root Micromax A70 step by step

  1. The first step is to download Z4Root v1.3 from here.
  2. After that install it using any file manager.
  3. Now enable USB Debugging with this way, go to settings>applications>development and enable usb debugging.
  4. Now after that start Z4Root and click on root.

You will be given a choice that whether you wish to root Micromax A70 with complete root or soft root. The basic difference is, when you wish to do unrooting of complete root, you will have to use the same app again along with hard root. In case of soft root merely rebooting the device will unroot the handset.

Difference between Soft root and Hard root.

Soft root: Many people just want to try rooting to test something or just to try it out to see how’s the performance after the phone is rooted. They might not want their phones to be rooted permanently. For them, soft root is handy since once the phone is restarted, it reverses all the rooting process done and makes the phone unrooted as it was earlier before rooting. So once you switch off your phone after this process, the root access is gone !

Hard root: This method will root your device permanently and it stays rooted even after restarting your phone. This method is mostly used. Even though this root is permanent, this can also be reversed if you want with the same rooting tool. Since rooting voids the phone’s warranty, unrooting or reversing the process comes in when you need claim the warranty.

ClockworkMod Recovery with ROM manager app

Note: This process is not needed if you want to only root your phone. This process will only help you to enhance the features of your rooted phone.

Now, since you have rooted the phone, it would be great to try ClockworkMod Recovery with ROM manager app. This is something that will make your Android phone highly functional. With this functionality you can take up partitioning your memory card, zip file flashing etc. For this procedure you will require a Rooted Micromax A70, the device battery to be charged at 50-60% for avoiding any sort of hampering, ROM manager App ( You can download it from Android market from your phone:  ROM manager ) and internet connection on your phone. Before you start download and install ROM manager App from Android Market or Google play now. Once you have installed that, follow the instructions below:

InstructionsROM manager on Micromax A70

  • First open ROM Manager and then select the Flash ClockWorkModRecovery (The first option).
  • Once you do that, you will get the list of devices as pop up and you need to select A70.
  • Now, let the download complete. This will definitely take some time and also it will install a few files.
  • When this is done tap Reboot Into Recovery.
  • Congrats, your Micromax A70 will be reboot into ClockWorkModRecovery.

It is vital to note that in this you will now have to use volume rocker for up and down movement and the power key will be the button for selection. Also if you have a Micromax A75 with you then you can check out how to root Micromax A75 here.


  1. Hi Vinoy,
    I have gone thru the above instructions, but I need to ask few questions regarding the same as I am very new to android phone just 2 weeks ago I bought A70, so I would like to know for rooting A70 do I need PC or can it done with out one( i have a PC), secondly you have given an explanation about hardboot and softboot but which one should I try on my phone, lastly in your instructions for ClockworkMod Recovery with ROM manager app, you have instructed to first open the ROM MANAGER and etc. etc. so i am not sure if the phone needs to be conencted to the the PC(if PC required) and where to open the ROM manager? I mean in the phone or the PC? and as per your next instruction after the download is complete it will install few files, but i would like to know where is it installing the filesin the phone or the PC?
    I might sound NAIVE to you as I have mentioend earlier its been just 2 weeks I have started using A70 and have never used an ANDROID phone before and my phone although its new its freezing a lot and the screen goes blank if i click few pics. or listen to music, Everytime I have to remove the battery and out it back in to make it work. I hope by rooting the doing the stuff which you have painstakingly researched will help me get the best out of my new phone.

    • Kim,
      1) Do I need a PC to root ?
      No, You can do all the above process without a PC. We had included a PC just to download the ROM manager App and to transfer it to the phone. If your phone already has internet connection then no need of PC in any step. ( We have updated our article so that it doesn’t confuse reader. Thanks for pointing out that )

      2) Hard root and Soft root : which one should I use?
      Again we have updated the article explaining the same and it should help you out. I would recommend going for a Hard root and revert it if you did not see the desired performance with your phone after rooting.

      3) Do I need to be connected to PC to install Clockworkmod or ROM manager?
      No, as I said earlier, there is no need to connect the phone to PC if you can directly install the App from Android market and use it. Once you install, you need to open the ROM manager app and follow the instruction on your phone and nothing to do on your PC.

      Hope this helps ! Fell free to ask us if you need any further info on your phone or any procedure.

  2. supreeth says:

    hi i have rooted my phone and changed the boot animation but i have unrooted and uninstall the z4root and i want to reboot but it is not rebooting from rom manager and it showing some thing went wrong plz help me

  3. hlo i have a73 can u hlp to root my phone

  4. my phone does not reboot into recovery mode, it gets stucked at boot animation
    please reply fast

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