Step by Step Instructions to Root HTC One V

Tutorial to Root HTC One V

Android phones have come up to a stage where almost anything is possible. You can enjoy the Galaxy S3 ROM on your other Android Smart phones or port HTC sense ROM on any other device. Thus, you can say that almost every kind of tweak works on an Android phone. This is the real charm of Android.

This OS provides the users an opportunity to enjoy the best levels of freedom and create customized solutions as they desire. But in return the users have to compromise with the warranty of the phone. For a chosen few this is simply not done while for many, this price is small against the super user privileges that are achieved.

But do you know who are responsible for the Android freedom and revolution? Well, none other than the genius and hardworking developers who make procedures simple for users so that they can take advantage of the available tweaks and rooting methods.

One such developer is ckpv5, who is a Senior XDA Developer and has contributed valuably in the procedure to root HTC One V. We are quite thankful to him for his wonderful work. In this article, we will provide you information about the procedure of rooting HTC One V that this Senior Developer has created.  Before we move to the procedure, we would appreciate that you read the following disclaimer and notes as given below.

Disclaimer: The procedure as provided to root HTC One V is written with complete care and only after getting into deep research. But still, under unique circumstances the procedure may not work. Also, rooting involves a few risks generally and thus while rooting the phone if anything goes wrong in regards to the data or something like bricking, we shall not be responsible for the same. Kindly continue at your own risk.

Note: We expect you to have basic technical knowledge before you root your HTC One V.You must take complete back up of your handset before you move ahead. Also, keep your phone charged to the extent of some 60-70 percent. This will avoid any sort of batter hurdle during the rooting procedure.

We expect that you have HTC One V with an unlocked bootloader. Also, you must have the drivers installed with the help of HTC Sync. (Close Sync before rooting the handset).

We expect you to have WinRAR, 7-Zip or other similar file extraction programs installed on your computer.

Kindly download these two files: (md5sum: 33fb1e45aff5259e67ed3c0bab7aafbf)

boot.superboot.img (4.01 MB)

Mind well, you must disable system tools such as HTC Sync, firewall programs, and anti-virus software and such other suites.

Step by step Instructions to Root HTC One V

  1. The first thing you must do is, download the and extract it in the PC’s folder.
  2. Now, download the boot.superboot.img and put it in the same folder where you had extracted With this , there will be replacement of boot.superboot.img that came with
  3. Turn off your handset completely.
  4. Reboot your HTC One V into Bootloader Mode. (This can be done by pressing the Volume Down key and Power button simultaneously until Bootloader Mode boots).
  5. Now, just select Fastboot.
  6. Take the USB cable that is accompanied with the handset and connect the phone as well as the computer with the help of this USB cable. Once you do that you will see the message on Bootloader screen and the message will be “FASTBOOT USB.”
  7. Now move to r1-primo-superboot folder.
  8. Double click on this: install-superboot-window.batfile.
  9. You will see that an automatic rooting procedure should start.
  10. After that the handset will reboot.
  11. Once booting is over you must move to app drawer and tap SuperSU icon and update the SU binary to new version.

With the above steps you will be able to root HTC One V. Congratulations! Now since you have rooted HTC One V, you will be able to enjoy a number of benefits. Which these benefits will be, just check out in this post:


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