How to root Acer Liquid Metal with easy Z4Root method

Easy Z4 Root Method for Acer Liquid Metal Android Phone

Acer Liquid MetalAcer Liquid Metal is considered as a sturdy Smartphone and it was released some eight years back. It made a mark in the android phone market with the sharp multi-touchscreen and a fast and reliable processor. Also, it had the decent price tag that did attract many consumers in the market.

Now, something interesting is going to come, for people who always love going one step ahead in the technological platforms. Yes, we are now going to root Acer Liquid Metal and that too with simple steps. Some people feel that rooting is loaded with complicated steps and long procedures. But thanks to Z4 Root method for this Android Phone, rooting can be done within a few minutes and with only some simple steps. But before you go ahead with the procedure you should read the disclaimer as given.

Disclaimer: Rooting Acer Liquid Metal will make the android phone more functional because you will be imparted with the administrative permissions and this is something that will free your android. But rooting procedures generally have a risk of bricking your phone. We shall not be responsible for any damage caused to your phone and you must root your android at your own risk. However, if you have any doubts you can contact us and we will surely help you. This information is produced to enhance the simplicity of the procedure.

Rooting Acer Liquid Metal Procedure:

Z4Root screen shotFor rooting the phone you will first need to download the Z4Root and transfer to your phone. Once you have it on your phones, using any file browser (eg: Astro file manage) install it. Then check the USB debugging. It should be enabled mode. This can be done by going to settings>applications>development and enable usb debugging.

Now, open Z4 Root app. Click on root. On doing that, you will come across two options. The first option is root and the second option is root temporary. The temporary root is also known as soft root as it loses rooting on reboot. In the other option i.e. permanent rooting, Z4 app root app should be used along with the hard boot method to unroot the device. It is recommended that for a longer term relief, you root your device permanently.

After this is done, your device will restart and you will come across a white screen. The device will ask to grant the root permissions and you must make selection as Yes. This will successfully root your Liquid Metal handset.

The credit for this Z4 Root app goes to Ryan from the popular XDA developers’ forum. Brilliant job!


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    Does it work for an Acer liquid express orange version?

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