How to reduce battery consumption on android phone

Improve Android BatteryYou would love using your android smartphone for almost the entire day. By chance if you forget charging your favorite device and move out just like that with out the charger, then you should be smart enough to reduce the battery consumption in android phone. For that you can follow these steps as given below:

Screen brightness

Firstly, you can set the brightness that you find is comfortable. Do not go for too much brightness. Also, switch over from the auto mode option. Auto mode uses too much of battery and thus you should be pretty wary about this. Most Android phones have a power control widget where you can toggle between various battery consuming functions, which included screen brightness. At times when you need to increase the screen brightness to read or browse something, you can tap the widget to quickly increase brightness and toggle back.

Background running applications

There is something special about android and in fact you can even call it a problem. Even while you are not using the applications in your android phone, the applications are still running. Actually there is no exit button for most applications, we can only hit the back button and go out. Android determines when to exit it. This can consume much of battery. You can install an application or a task manager that would stop the background applications or auto kill. One of such application which I used is the “Advanced task manager”. But one thing which you should be aware of is the native Android applications or apps which should not be killed, or else it will hinder proper functioning of the phone. For eg: if you kill the messaging app, you wont get the messages or alerts. So always know which apps to kill and which to be added to ignore list.


When your phone battery is less charged and finally you don’t have an option to charge as well, it is better to keep certain applications or features closed. These include GPS tracker, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. Open these applications only when urgently needed. Keeping these ON might drain your battery too quickly. There are many apps in market which can keep an eye on your battery and alert you or automatically off these applications based on battery level.

Live Wallpapers

Wallpaper selection should also be an apt choice. Make sure that the wallpaper that you choose do not take too much of battery as well as memory. You should make choice of the wallpaper quite wisely and this is something quite important. Never use a live wallpaper if you are concerned about your battery life. Live wallpapers needs processing to show different animations and interactions and this definitely consumes a lot of unnoticed battery. It’s almost like running a video in background.

Continuous Internet connection

Improve Battery lifeYou don’t need to stay connected to the internet all the time especially when the batteries are nearing the downtime. You can install an application that would help you allow the switching on and off the internet as per your need and requirement. For example if you need regular updates from your Facebook, twitter or mail applications, you can have an app that syncs these apps to internet every 15 mins or more. So this does not constantly connect to internet and will save 80% of your battery which is used for syncing. Also you should use the internet apps that are actually useful and avoid the others such as unnecessary feeds and email alerts. This will help in keeping the battery levels optimal. There are tons of apps on Android market which claims to improve your battery life but most of them doesn’t make much difference. You can also manually check which function of the phone is consuming more battery by checking it at Settings >> About phone >> Battery use.


The above steps would be better for the battery life as well. Also, when you really feel that you have forgotten charging the android phone and you will need this for an emergency then rather than switching off the cell phone completely, you should opt for the above alterations in the applications so as to get the longer battery time even during the less charging state.


The above options are not only apt for the android phones, but these instructions will also help in other cell phones and Smartphones. You should always stay alert in case of android phones because sometimes due to your ignorance the unnecessary battery usage would be higher. Avoid such ignorance and maintain wisdom technically that would help you to have better android experience.

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