How to get free 3G Internet on Android [Reliance – Google deal ]

Google Endorsed Android Smartphones Expected to have Reliance Communications Connection

Free 3G internet on Android smartphonesAs per the breaking news that has been reported today, it is expected that every Google Android Smartphone will be sold with free 3G internet connection. This seems to be one of the target oriented strategies of Anil Ambani to bring in the high end Smartphone users within his spectrum. Of course, this will surely shoot up the subscribers for Reliance Communications and this is what the company wants.

As per the available reports, RCom and Google have signed a two year contract wherein the Google-endorsed Android handsets from Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony Ericsson will be bundled with Reliance Communications mobile connection with free 3G internet connection. Also, these handsets will have 3G mobile connection with 1 GB free downloads for a period of first six months. Sadly Motorola is not there in this list and it is still not known that why Moto did not join the bandwagon. This offer will come into effect on 14th of April.

Elaborating on this news, even though initially these Smartphones will be sold with Reliance Communications network, users have the option to switch over the networks. The Smartphones will work on the networks of other mobile connections as well. But as per the telecommunication experts, mostly, RCom will be able to keep the two thirds of the consumers in their kitty. The remaining may prefer to switch over. It is also estimated that within next 2 years approximately 2 lakh such Smartphones will be sold all over the country. Reliance Communication getting a two third share out of this estimate also seems to be a fair deal. Experts also suggest that if Reliance Communications maintains its service at par then the company can win longer run loyalties from the subscribers. That’s the reason why Prashant Singhal, Partner at Ernst & Young Global’s Indian affiliate commented on this deal saying, “The intangible brand benefits from such an exclusive tie-up will exceed the monetary benefits in the two years.” Reliance had brought in a similar revolutionary plan few years back with cheap entry level phones, when mobile phones were not that common as now. This move will also bring in a similar revolution in Indian Smartphones market with free 3G internet connection or even cheap 3G deals.

Free 3G internet connection on Android phones

As per Singhal, RCom has an image that it caters to entry phone users. But with this deal, the company will be able to change its image for better. The company will position itself in the list of networks that service the high end and premium users. Thus, even though the revenue-wise RCom may not get a bulky share in this deal, but still, over all the company will be able to make a good name even among the High End Android Phones.

Now, talking about the marketing strategy that the Telecom company is planning to have a 30 Crore campaign for Google Android Smartphones. Even Google won’t lag back in the marketing part. It will launch a similar line of strategy targeting the online platforms.

Even though, Reliance Communications have kept the lips tight in this regards, Google Spokeswoman said “We confirm the collaboration with Reliance to market Android devices”. This will be Google’s fourth such deal globally. It has similar agreements with Verizon in the US, Telstra in Australia and one in Japan.

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