One More Hint on Droid Fighter Design and Release

Will Droid Fighter be International Version of China’s RAZR MT887

Droid Fighter has received an amazing fan base even without the actual existence. This is really astonishing. We were thinking a couple of day’s back that with the real entry of Droid Fighter there will surely be havoc in the Android market. We also hope that this happens soon.

News reports as available to us indicate that three amazing RAZR-esque Smart Phones were shown off in China. The model numbers include XT885, XT889 and M887. It is anticipated that XT885 is mostly for China Unicom. XT889 would mostly come to China Telecom and MT887 would be destined for China Mobile. We have derived this news via Engadget and the source is quite relevant in the Android market.

From the pictures as given below it seems that MT887 has some similar looks with the expected design and features of Droid Fighter. Thus, we feel that there are chances that China’s MT887 may have land up as international Droid Fighter.(The third one or the one in extreme right is MT887)

  As per the available news, Motorola new handsets for China will feature largely the same as in Ice Cream Sandwich OS, absence of physical Android buttons, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 8MP camera, and 4,3-inch qHD display. These phones are believed to be released somewhere around 2nd June and that too on Verizon.

Wow, 2nd June is so near. If MT887 hints design for Droid Fighter then we can expect that even Droid Fighter would provide the hint of entry soon. Well, these are expectations and we know that till Motorola makes any sort of official announcement on Droid Fighter release, such rumor round ups will be common. But one thing that is positive about the news is, every time we get a chance to revive the hopes that the deadly energetic Android Fighter will get a release date very soon.

With all the news ad rumors that we have received in this month, it is for sure that now the wait should get over soon. Initially we thought that Motorola won’t give hints about any new handsets till the Motorola Google deal is closed. But seems, Motorola did not prefer waiting and thus wanted to make the Asian connection soon with the three phones we are talking about. May be this is a testing policy of Motorola in China and soon when results are derived about the response, we may get the good news that we have been waiting for.


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