Guide to root HTC One S on Ice Cream Sandwich [Android 4.0]

Guide to root HTC One SDo you own HTC One S? If yes, then we can understand that how excited you will be to explore the amazing features of this handset. This Smartphone has head turning design and it is one of the thinnest phones as available in the market. The superb quality camera gives crisp and best quality images which would help you establish the best memories in life. Now, you have one more advantage of using HTC One S Android 4.0.3 ICS Smartphone and that is, this phone can now be rooted on updated Ice Cream Sandwich firmware ! Voila!!!

The credit for rooting HTC One S on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) goes to reputed XDA member paulobrien. We appreciate his hard work and efforts in providing a simple way to root this amazing handset. But we strictly instruct you that while rooting your phone, you must follow all the instructions carefully so that you don’t end up bricking the phone.

DISCLAIMER: While rooting the android HTC One S you must know the risks you may be exposed to. There are risks like data loss, phone damage and void warranty. You must root HTC One S at your own risk. will not be responsible for anything wrong that happens with your phone. This tutorials is for those who use Windows in computer. Also read our precaution before rooting your phone guide.

How to root HTC One S on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich

Here are the step by step guide to root HTC One S on Ice Cream Sandwich

  1. The very first step you must take is download the file from the link as given at the end of this post. Also, extract the content of the same.
  2. Now, turn off the phone first and then use power on button along with volume down button. This will get you into the bootloader mode.
  3. Now, since you have downloaded the in the first step, extract the contents of the ‘‘ and save the folder in a location that you would be able to recognize later on.
  4. Now take the USB data cable and connect your HTC One S with the computer via this USB cable.
  5. After that, locate the folder containing the extracted files. Also, double click on the ‘install-superboot-windows.bat‘ file.
  6. Now, we expect that you have followed all the steps mentioned above in a careful way and rooted the phone.

Hurrah! Now you will be able to remove bloatware from your device and install apps apps requiring root access or Super User access on your device. Your HTC One S is free now and your phone now has enormous opportunities to explore. To know more about the advantages of rooting HTC  One S are check out our article on ‘What are the advantages of rooting‘. Also you can install Clockworkmod on your phone which will add more functionality and security to your phone.

But if at all you need more reference on this or you use Linux or Mac then we advise you to follow the link given at the end of the post. Also, if you get stuck up somewhere you can check the mentioned original thread of XDA Forum.

Link for downloading and reference: XDA Forum

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