Google Samsung Nexus 4 Specs and Features Leak

Google Samsung Nexus 4 may have essence of Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Note and S3


The much in hype Google Nexus 4 has created some more buzz today. As per the rumors it seems that Google will choose Samsung once again for building Nexus 4. Samsung has already created an amazing customer base due to the flagship Android Smart phones like Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S3. Now when Google Nexus 4 is supposed to be released, most of the industry experts believe that Samsung will win the honors to partner with the giant company.

Reports as available from Tech.Sc suggest that the developer of Oxygen ROM, Adam Green, stumbled upon the complete spec and features list of an unknown Samsung device while he was scanning the code unveiled by Google for Android Open Source Project. He could find out that this unknown Android phone has touches of Galaxy Note, galaxy S3 as well as the current Galaxy Nexus.

In this regards, Tech.Sc believes that mostly Galaxy Nexus 4 will have the new generation processors developed by ARM Cortex A15. This is a dual core configuration. Also, the leaks point out that Nexus 4 may have 5 MP camera equipped with BSI sensor. Of course such camera features would remind you of Galaxy S3. Leaks also give a hint that Google Nexus 4 may have Wolfson audio chip from the Nexus S. It may also carry 1280×800 resolution like the Samsung Galaxy Note. It means that the new Google Nexus 4 would take best from the bests.

Google Nexus 4

The best thing about this Smartphone is that it would have Jelly Bean Android 5.0. Many people are still not familiar with the new Android Platform Jelly Bean 5.0. Well, many people are still not much aware about this new version of Android. Jelly bean is not yet released and is on the road map next, may be Google Nexus will be the first phone to operate on this OS. This version can have integration of technology from Chrome OS. So you might be able to run Jelly Bean on Windows netbooks also. Also many changes like a lighter version of Android is planned which can run on low cost phones easily (This is an off the track info, but may be useful).

It is believed that mostly, this new Android 5.0 platform will be unveiled at Google I/O event in June. Thus, we can anticipate that even this new Nexus 4 would show some of its signs at this event. So, what we can do is, just keep the fingers crossed till the next Google I/O event where two biggies may be unveiled. Some people may argue that the said specs and features leak may be of the upcoming tablet. But the features and specs leak strongly suggest that it is not for the tablet, but for the next Nexus.

Google Samsung Nexus 4 Update: It seems that it’s going to rain Nexus this year. Google Nexus 4 Launch will lay down a revolutionary path for the Nexus brothers. Yes, soon after Nexus 4, you will witness launch of Nexus 5, 6, 7 and 8. For more information on this please check this link dated 17th May. It is news based on the Wallstreet Journal:


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